Ben Affleck / Fiona Apple
February 19, 2000

*OVERVIEW - I wasnt too sure about this week going into it. The third show in three weeks doesnt always work too well. Ben Affleck isnt exactly a standup comedian either. Im not a big Fiona Apple Fan, so we'll see.

*OPENING - A solid opening. That was one hell of a makeup job on Tim, Rachel and Horatio. I'm still waiting for Jimmy Fallon to be able to say "live from New York," now he is the only cast member who hasn't said it to open a show.

*MONOLOUGE - I thought this was pretty decent. I knew Gwenth Paltrow would show up since Ben showed up when she hosted last year. She looked really good tonight. Ben Affleck looks like he's wearing size 14 slim pants. The whole thing with Matt Damon being the real writer of Good Will Hunting was funny.

*COMMERCIAL- VICTORIA'S SECRET - Wasnt all that funny. They could have done something with those commercials, but this was not it. I'm also surprised NBC let them run that.

*G.E. Smith? Why?

*MANGO - I thought the beggining of this sketch with another well deserved stab at E! was pretty good. I liked the concept of Mango wanting to meet Matt Damon, but Ben Affleck liking him and acting like Matt Damon. The DiCaprio and Haley Joel Osmond cell phone calls were funny. The sketch kind of dragged after that. It was funny when Mango said "Why does everyone think I'm gay?" This sketch is a solid one, but it is becoming overused. This one in particular was just average compared to others.

*THE BOSTON TEENS - Good to see this sketch again, first time since the DeVito show. I thought it was a great idea to bring back Frankie (Horatio). I also like how Jimmy Fallon calls the camera man Tommy everytime. Maybe someday we will see Tommy. However, unless Jimmy and Ben hadnt messed up, I dont think this wouldnt have been all that funny, and Ben called Jimmy "his bro" one too many times. Jimmy's sidewise visor with Nomar in marker was a good idea. I didnt like how they rewinded the camera when Jimmy came in. Decent skecth, but nothing special.

*CARTOON - A little earlier than usual. This was the funniest cartoon of the year, hands down. I was laughing out loud through the whole thing. Mr. T's lines to the kids "Stay in school, Drink your milk, etc." were hilarious and Tracy did a good voice of him. If they could do more cartoons like this it would be awesome.

*FRETT'S FILM REVIEW - The funny thing about this is the fact that this is how these film critics usually act. Ben Affleck's "Snow Day" bit was great as was Will's "Fantasia." (Will's first appearance of the show came pretty late tonight.) Another rip on Ross Schneiner tonight. It was a good ending when they ran out of sayings and analogies.

*MTV FANATIC - Best sketch of the night. When they showed Ben dunking of the 8 foot hoop was hilarious. Also Ben talking about not killing himself because of her was funny. Jimmy was dead-on on how those friends act on that show. All the background music was good too.

*WEEKEND UPDATE - Just an average update I thought. Tim's Alan Keyes bit was pretty funny. Alan Keyes needs to pack it up for real in his campaign. If Bush gets elected President, they are going to have a field day with him next season. Half of the update seemed devoted to him. Colins Jerry Lee Lewis and Virginia Holiday riots jokes were good.

*MUSICAL GUEST, FIONA APPLE - This was not good at all and I was pleased she only got 1 song, the first host this year to have such a fate. Of all non-rap music acts besides Chris Gaines, this was the worst yet.

*ZIMMERMAN COUPLE - I was glad to see this sketch again. It wasnt one of the better ones though. I think they are running out of material for these two. Kattan did a good job here playing the husband. Cheri looked terribile tonight. The highlight of the sketch was when Chris told Cheri he would "teach her how to drive stick." Who would want a 1987 LeBaron anyways?

*POLICE TRYOUTS - This charcter by Molly Shannon wasnt funny the first time and it wasnt funny tonight. Hopefully we wont see Sally O'Malley anymore. The only good thing about this sketch was Ben Affleck playing the cop. He did a good job here. I never really cracked a smile during this sketch.

*TRILOCAINE DANDRUFF SHAMPOO - This again was a good idea, but i didnt think it was very funny. It would have been good to see Affleck after he used the shampoo. Some of the symptoms were alright, but overall this bit was poor at best.

*WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILIONAIRE? - This was funny, I dont know why they saved it until the very end. The rusted out Maxima was such a good idea and Affleck was funny as the 11,000 aire. Will was a great host for this show. The whole Kattan part was excellent. He just sat there and looked so confused. I am glad he seems to be back into the regular mix on the show again. A solid ending to the show. Did anyone else notice in the closing credits of this, Darrell Hammond was listed under "stunts" and makeup was done by A.C. Earl, the name of a pro-basketball player, but he spells it Acie Earl. I wonder if this was coincidence or not.

Well this show was pretty good. It took a little lull after Update, but finished solid with the final sketch. It was the first time we saw a cartoon since the DeVito show, and for once it was good this season. I was disappointed there wasnt more of Chris Parnell. As usual, Tracy Morgan was almost non-exsistent, he was in one sketch and didnt even speak. Ben Affleck did a solid job, except for when he started laughing with Jimmy Fallon during the Boston Teens Party sketch. I was glad Fiona Apple only got one song, hopefully for musical guests that suck this trend will continue. Okay well now they are off for two well deserved weeks, returing March 11 live. The last two weeks were two of the better shows this season.

Actor of the Night - Jimmy Fallon (except for when he started laughing), Chris Kattan
Sketch of the Night - Cartoon and MTV Fanatic
Worst Sketch - Salley O' Malley "Im 50"
Overall Grade - B

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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