Ben Affleck / Fiona Apple
February 19, 2000

Hi, everyone! First off I want to say that I feel like a total moron for
spelling Julianna's name wrong throughout the whole review last week! UGH!!
Speaking of Julianna, did you ER fans catch Thursday's episode? Call me an
idiot, but I was crying the whole time (I know I need to get out more!) But
I'm not here to talk about ER...*hehehehe* It's time for the episode review
of Mr. Affleck. And then we are off for two weeks! I can't believe that when
the show comes back on the air it will be finals week and my parents will be
here! HORRORS!! HELP!! Anyway, on with the review!

Peanuts Talk: Tim looked so damn funny in this! Rachel looked awesome, and
I didn't even realize that was Horatio until he started talking! This sketch
was damn hilarious! I couldn't get over Tim, even though I have seen him
like this before (Brendan Fraser last season) he was just hilarious! Darrell
was great too! :) I loved the "Marcy on Patty Action!" comment, I about
died! This was a great opening for the show! B+

Monologue: Okay, this was kinda lame that they let Gwenyth take over the
monologue, although she had some good slams on Ben and his oscar. It just
didn't seem natural the two of them, like they were just reciting lines
(yes, I know that they are, but still..actors should know how to "be real"!)

Desire's Victoria Secret: OMG!! I laughed my ass off! I can not believe
they did this! And I thought I was going to die when her butt started to
talk. This was a great parody commercial! One of the best! A+

Mango: Yay, Mango! I know there are some that are tired of Mango, but I for
one will always love this sketch! This was damn hilarious! I loved how Ben
almost started laughing!! And Ben's impression of Matt had me howling!
Chris's black get up was kinda "cute" and I could not breath when Chris
mooned Ben! OMG!! That was so damn funny! This was a great Mango! A+

Sully: Horatio! OMG! He cracks me up with that hair! The best thing about
this sketch was that Jimmy and Ben kept cracking up! I loved the slow mo
part though; that was funny. "Bro, Bro, seriously, Bro" LOL Poor Ben!
Regardless of their mistakes, I think this would have been a great sketch!
"A mouth full of Jostens"...that was too funny! Go Jimmy and Rachel! A+

Funhouse (Mr. T): YUCK! Everyone knows how I hate these things! I only got a
kick out of the fact that they used "A Doll's House" in it, and I'm sure not
everyone knows what the hell "A Doll's House" is about! My friend that I was
watching with was like "What the hell is that? I've never heard of it!" So
whatever. It was lame regardless! They totally need to STOP! D

Fretts Film Forum: This was a cute idea. Ben was hysterical! I'm actually
very surprised about how funny he is! Will was great!! Cheri, though,
reminded me of her Barbara Walters' character at times, so I wasn't too
happy with her. I thought I was going to bust a gut when Jimmy said
"pissed" instead of "picked". Poor Jimmy! He wasn't have a good night for
straight faces or non-mess ups! Will's hand acting was too funny! That was
the best part of this sketch! On a side note, I'm actually surprised they
are keeping it up so far! B+ ("Teaching Mrs. Tingle", eh, JV?)

Fanatic: I did not stop laughing from the moment the sketch started! Ben's
braces had me rolling. Molly was great! "MTV Style" and when Ben was crying
and the kiss..those were the best parts! I thought it was hysterical! A

Weekend Update: Colin- Most of the jokes revolved around the primaries..I
wasn't too impressed, but Colin's mess ups and comments to the audience
always make me happy. When he finally got past the elections and told his
three jokes, they were pretty good. C Presidental Candidates- Will was the
funniest! He cracked me up! Parnell was funny with the "gook" thing, but
this got old really fast and I found myself annoyed quickly! Tim's thing was
just stupid! I was like "what the hell is this crap?? SHUT UP!" (nothing
against Tim, but you know...) Anyway, this took up way too much time! C-
Overall: Because of the damn elections that was all there was in the news.
As you can tell it does not make me laugh after the millionith time of the
same jokes...Bush is an idiot, McCain is a war vet, and the other guy is
who?? EXACTLY!! Colin was the solid one tonight, if that is any consilation
(see above to Colin's review) Definitely not a better WU! C

Musical Guest/Fiona Apple: Flippin' Channels..From what I heard though,

Zimmermans: OMG! OMG!! My favorite!! Okay, anyone notice Ben's hairy arms?
HELLO!! First of all, Ben is doing a great job with all the accents! He's
rockin'! What can I say about this sketch?? Everything was so damn funny!
The best...car horn, windshield wipers, and learning to drive a stick. The
funniest...Ben pulling down his pants!! I literally screamed!! It was so
damn funny! *sigh* I hurt after watching this sketch! It was definitely the
best of the night! A+

She's 50: And she's getting on my last nerve!! I hated this sketch back at
Xmas..hate it now! Hmm..after a great show they had to go throw this one in
the mix. WHY?? The reason I don't like this is because it is exactly like
her Joyologist character. She needs NEW ones! After reading all sketch
reviews about Molly's sketches you might think I totally hate her, but I
don't! I LOVE MOLLY! She's just running out of material...maybe it's a sign
that this is her last year? (this is just an assumption! I did not hear this
from anyone or anything!) D-

Trilocaine: Okay, this was hysterical! The sleep paralysis scenario had me
laughing so hard! I can't believe this is like one of the last sketches and
I'm still laughing!! It must be a miracle! A+

Who Wants to be Groped...: I must admit I thought this would be a cursed
sketch at first (I'm so sick of the Who Wants To..parodies along with the
shows!) until the introduction of Kattan! I thought I'd die! This was
awesome!! Ben was great, so was Kattan and I loved Cheri! "I'm on TV!" Did
anyone notice Will almost falling on his face at the end?? Oh, lord! The
whole thing was funny. The ending was great (the car bit). I'm so happy
they ended with a great sketch! Brace yourself...hell has frozen over... A

Overall: Despite the fact I'm not particularly fond of Affleck and didn't
hold high standards for tonight's show, it was the BEST of the season!! Ben
cracked at least once in each sketch, and he totally rocked with the
accents!! They had some great solid sketches! And can I tell you how happy I
am Apple only sang ONCE?? HELLO, SNL, do this all the time, thank you!
Downfalls...Funhouse, WU, Apple, and She's 50. If not for these four
mistakes it would be a perfect show! Okay, some please explain to me who is
Joshua Jackson?? And NSYNC..I think Ana expressed my feelings about them
last season's Teen Pulse sketch when she said "NSTINK" UGH!!! Anyway, back
to this episode! They actually showed most of the credits and had a great
show! I am so surprised! Hopefully they will keep it up for the last few
remaining shows of the season! Go SNL! Okay, I'll shut up now (see, ya'll
need to tell me to stop!!) And see everyone in two weeks! Be safe, be
happy...be praying for me (Finals and Parents in the same week!! Total

That's my review and I'm stickin' to it!!! (You better believe it!)

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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