Vince Vaughn / Lauryn Hill
December 5, 1998

[Opening] Impeachment Hearings

.......I liked this a lot even though the "Clinton" openings are used so much. All the impersonations were great. Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan were wonderful as Simmons and Michaels, respectively. Hyde yelling at Conyers was funny. Grade:A


[Monologue] Vince Vaughn

.......I didn't like this at all. It moved too slow and the only purpose it served was a plug for the movie. Grade:D-


[Commercial] Oops....I Crapped My Pants

.......I like this a lot the first time, but the second time? Hmmmm..... Grade:C+


[Sketch] Dog Show

.......I want to start off by saying that Molly Shannon was kinda scary all through this skit. The only thing I though was funny was Mr.Bojangles roaming and how wonderfully Will Ferrell played it off. "Mr.Bojangles, not now!" Grade:B-


[Sketch] Mr. Peepers the Swinger

.......I hate, hate, hate Mr. Peepers but he is played by the wonderful Chris Kattan so it immediately gets a B. I must add that I prefer Chris without the bad hair and ears. Grade:B-


[Sketch] The "Truth" About Marriage

.......I don't know much about marriage but I still thought this was funny. Will Ferrell's "Nobody told me, screw him." line was great and Jimmy Fallon looked good too. ;-) Grade:B+


[Commercial] Brew Dude

.......I don't know why but I thought this was so funny. I would buy a Brew Dude...maybe. Grade:A-


[Sketch] John Lennon and Jerry Garcia

.......I don't know much about John Lennon or Jerry Garcia but I thought both impersonations were good. Oh and Chris Kattan was too. "What if I'm dead and your alive?" Grade:B+


[Sketch] Mobile vs. Exxon

.......The first time I watched this I didn't like it (I was also half asleep at the time) but the second time? I was on the floor laughing. It was full of great one-liners and all the guys were awesome. "Ain't that a kick in the privates?" Grade:A+


Weekend Update w/ Colin Quinn

.......I love Colin and all but this Update was nothing special. I have never and will never like Cinder Calhoun. Enough said. Grade:B-


[Musical Guest] Lauryn Hill

.......I love Lauryn Hill and thought she was great. "Doo Wop" is awesome. Also, I know it doesn't matter, but I have the orange shirt she was wearing. ;-) Grade:A+


[Sketch] Norman Bates A Half Hour Before Killing His Mother

.......Vaughn plays a good Bates and Cheri plays a great annoying mother. I like how she slipped in Master Bates. The black and white was interesting. Now I understand why Norman "really" killed his mother. Grade:A


[Sketch] Pimp Chat

.......The best skit of the night!! Their outfits were great! "Pimpin' Kyle and Mr. White Chocolate"! Pimp of Da' Month! Bill Clinton as Mr. Ghetto Fabulous! www.bitchbetterhavemymoney.com! What else can I say! Grade: A++ (Can I do that?)


[Musical Guest] Lauryn Hill

.......Still great even though I hadn't heard the song. Grade:A


[Sketch] Cat Toy Company

.......This was ok. Nothing special. Definitely no "Pimp Chat". Grade:C


This was a good SNL week. To my surprise I really liked Vince Vaughn. All Hail To "Pimp Chat"!! SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK!

Episode Review written by Noelle

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