Vince Vaughn / Lauryn Hill
December 5, 1998

I only saw bits and pieces but here goes.


The married advice was funny and dark. It seems like an old bit though. It's not groundbreaking. Masturbation lines are always funny to me though. Ferrell is awesome.


Brew dude was good comedy. Good performance, but again a dull idea. They should go back to making commercials that are as close as possible to the real ones. That's what makes them funny to me.


Exxon Mobil merger Skit--this is the best thing I saw. It reduced the huge corporate merger to a macho turf squabble. This is comedy with a concept and a philosophy. Outstanding.


Update has become a pathetic shell of what it once was. The Update is little more than a topical stand-up rant. He actually says, "Come on, let's go do the news." Lorne, this is so lame. Do a parody of news, please. Comedy Central is about to destroy The Daily Show. Kilborn, Brown, and Unger are leaving. Please Hire Brian Unger. Update could be so good.


Pimp Chat. This is the lamest skit I've seen Morgan do yet. It seems like rehashed Chris Rock.


Musical Guest--Pathetic


Now what was Fabulous--The December 13, 1975 rerun of NBC's Saturday Night with Richard Pryor Hosting.

The History--

Lorne threatened to quit if the suits didn't sign Pryor. They were worried he would say "fuck" on the air. They used a five second delay during the show to bleep any offensiveness. This was also the debut of the Samurai character. Pryor also plays a Samurai. The samurai was Belushi's audition piece.

Pryor had a long list of demands. Extra actors had to be hired for a few sketches. During one sketch, Akroyd complains at his dinner table that blacks are "taking over." Each character leaves to go to the kitchen during Dad's rant about the negroes. Upon their return they are black. Another black actor was hired to play Pryor's priest partner in "Exocist II."

The Bumper pictures for that episode were pictures of Pryor's family. He also said that his wife had to have her own monologue. Pryor had two himself. The Muppets were still in. They were drunken monsters.

According to Michael O'donoughue, at least one of the skits was plagiarized from Brian McConnachie. The sketch is a sort of running gag through the show in which Pryor appears in a series of police lineups. One is Pryor in a line with three white cops all pointing to Pryor. The stolen one shows Pryor beaten and wearing handcuffs in a lineup with a nun, a refrigerator, and a duck. According to Dennis Perrin, this was lifted from a 1972 National Lampoon Cartoon.

NBC is showing these very late on Saturday nights in their entirety, Muppets and all. It's fascinating TV.

Episode Review written by Jerome Chapman

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