Vince Vaughn / Lauryn Hill
December 5, 1998

Impeachment hearings - Great impressions! It was such a great idea to bring in the Oral sex experts-B


Monologue - It was a good idea but they could have done a better monolouge. For one this was predictible that they would have a Hitchcock or Hitchcock releated gag-B-


Commercial: Oops I Crapped My Pants - This sucks! the hell is wrong with them? this was the best part of the Diaz episode but repeating the exact same commerical, with abousulty NO CHANGES makes me feel cheated- F-


Dog Show - this was mediocore and although Will wasnt making hilarious adlibs as Norm MacDonald could but its always great when they have to fix a problem in the sketch. Although Molly Shannon(sorry if it wasnt her in the sketch but i dont remember it 100% clearly)was laughing quite a bit-B-


Mr. Peepers in Vegas-okay, im kinda sick of Mr. Peepers but oh well.-B-


Marriage is... -


Commercial: Brew Dude - If this were only a few weeks older they could have used this in the commercial special. Go figure. A


Memorials - Hilarious premise and it was converted to a skit pretty well-B+


Merger - this was also great ecspically the "moron" part. It is something so stupid only a exxon/mobil employee could say.-B


Weekend Update -Colin Quinn wasnt too shabby....for Colin Quinn......Ana was great as usual!-colin gets a C+ Ana gets a A+-overall B


Lauryn Hill - if SNL doesnt book Korn soon there will be some ass-whupping! by the way hanson on the 26th? what kinda shit is that?-F


Psycho - Predictible ending and predictible that their would be a Psycho sketch but it was still very funny-B+


Pimp Chat - this is a great idea-A-


Lauryn Hill -or Limp Bizkit, Deftones, ANYTHING!!!! JUST STOP THIS SHIT!-FFFFF


Delco Cat Toys - not funny but great acting by Will and Vince-B


Overall - not one of the great ones of the year- B-/B

Episode Review written by O9MMFailur

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