James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton meets Flynt

Pretty funny. I really liked the ending with Hillary and Flynt. B+


[MONOLOGUE] James Van Der Beek

I love James!!! I especially loved it when the announcer was acting really obssessed. Oh yeah, don't forget about the underwear. I loved it! A


[COMMERCIAL] Teeny Weenies

It was cute but a little bit corny. My best friend loved it so I guess it's all just a matter of opinion. B


[SKETCH] National Spelling Bee Finals

I loved it! James was so cute along with Molly Shannon. How can you forget about Will Ferrel though. He totally made the whole skit. I just love the part when he said "Which one of us is me, you or me?" I don't know why, but I just about died when I heard it! A+!!!


[COMMERCIAL] 'Cats' on home video

Cute but kind of freaky. I hate to admit this but James really didn't need to wear that leotard thing. C+


[SKETCH] Teen Pulse: 7 Degrees Celsius

This one ruled! It was way too funny. Chris Kattan is my absolue favorite cast member even though he didn't look too hot in this skit. The part with the big bouncy balls was hilarious! A+


[SKETCH] Dog Show

I've always loved the Dog Show and always will. James just added an extra spice to it. Molly Shannon and Will Ferrel are too cute in this. By the way, Mr. Bojangles is the stuff! A


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

It was only good with Chevy Chase, it sucks now. C-



Didn't watch


[SKETCH] Harry Connick Jr. teased with laser pen

I pretty much liked it. Those stupid laser things are really getting old. It was really funny with James being kind of "the bad guy". B+


[SKETCH] History Channel's The War Abroad and at Home

Didn't pay much attention, but the little I saw, it was cute. B


[SKETCH] NBC exec creates Frankenteen

The ending was stupid, but other than that it was too cute! I hate Hanson, but it was still good. A


[SKETCH] Maria works her magic on Anthony

Didn't watch



I love seeing James break out of his "dramatic shell" and do something funny, even though he is better at drama. Overall the skits were very funny. I give it an "A". It wasn't as good as the Jennifer Love Hewitt episode, but it was the best I've seen since then. I'm sorry though... Colin Quinn on Weekend update has got to go! But SNL is by far the best show on the air today. I hope it's here forever. I LOVE IT!!!

Episode Review written by Roxbury Girls

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