James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999

[Opening] Clinton Meets Flynt

.......A Clinton based opening?!? Wow, what a surprise! It was good to see Sanz though. This skit was one of the best Clinton skits. I liked it when Hillary and Flynt hooked up. "What are you doing with that whore monger?"..."Are you talking to me or him?"

Grade: A


[Monologue] James Van Der Beek (his name is too long!)

.......I knew they were going to do something with an obsessed fan who keeps calling him Dawson but I figured it would be with one of the female cast members not Pardo (or Hammond doing Pardo) I liked it though. "I'm gonna spank you!" Grade: B+


[Commercial] Teeny Weenies

.......Even though its true(kinda) I didn't like it and it didn't make me laugh. At least it was new. Grade: D+ (Plus because it was new)


[Sketch] The Spelling Bee Championships

.......This was so good!! JVDB's voice was great! Will was great too. The ending was stupid, the contestants should have beat Ferrel up or something. "Hey Fred, look at that corpuscle!" Grade:A


[Sketch] Cats Home Video

.......This looked like it took alot of time to plan and set up. Ana and Parnell were funny but JVDB was the best when he did his poses! "Go F*ck yourself!" Grade: A-


[Sketch] Teen Pulse

.......The best skit of the night!!! All of the guys were great! Chris Kattan is so hot, but not with the hair!! The guys' outfits and Chris Parnell's hair were perfect! And Sanz dispelling his rumors! LOL! Their songs were great too! "I have those behind the teeth braces and didn't want you to get hurt." "You really pissed me off when I was trying to play my new Nintendo game." Grade: A+


[Sketch] Dog Show

.......This sketch is so horrible! I hate it! Molly needed some straps on her dress. Grade: F


Weekend Update

.......This was good. Colin is great no matter what anyone says. Tracy was good too. Grade: B+


[Musical Guest] Everlast

.......I like this song alot and he was good. Grade: A


[Sketch] Harry Conick Jr. and the Laser Pointers

......This was hilarious and true!! Kids all over my school have the pointers and they are so annoying! Jimmy Fallon was wonderful as always! JVDB and Tracy were great, too. "Lets have some fun!" Grade: A+


[Sketch] WWII: The War Abroad and At Home

.......This was ok. A professor is not a good part for JVDB. I liked how the footage kept getting "updated". Grade: B-


[Sketch] NBC creates Frankenteen

.......This was great! Tim Meadows was hilarious and I love it when he tries not to laugh during a sketch! It was so funny when they played the music while he "attacked"! Crested Butte! LOL! "Wow! That sure didn't work!" Grade: A


[Sketch] Maria

.......This skit was horrible! Almost as bad as "Dog Show". Grade: D-


This is definitely the best SNL of the season!! Van Der Beek was great!! The only way it could have been better would be if they had thrown out "Dog Show" and shown some more Kattan! Anyway I still loved this show!!! Also they didn't reuse any commercials. I'll see you all in a couple weeks!!

Episode Review written by Noelle

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