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January 16, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton meets Flynt

It was pretty funny, but having someone scream "Live from New York..." makes it even better. I loved the part when Hilary was scolding Bill like a little kid. Opening with Clinton is getting kinda old though.



[MONOLOGUE] James Van Der Beek

Very Funny but I like it better when the hosts actually talk about something. Can you say The Odd Couple? I knew something was up when Pardo said James's name like he did. He sounded like he was constipated or something.



[COMMERCIAL] Teeny Weenies

The idea was excellent, but the overall delivery didn't come out right.



[SKETCH] National Spelling Bee Finals

Very original and presented well. The ending was kinda weird though. SNL sometimes has really great skits but then ruins them with a well how do I put this, dumb ending. It was still a great skit even though the ending wasn't that strong.



[COMMERCIAL] 'Cats' on home video

It could have been a little shorter. Funny idea but they strung it out too long. Didn't really want to see James in tights.



[SKETCH] Teen Pulse: 7 Degrees Celsius

Probably the best skit of the show. Those girls in the background helped with the atmosphere. I laughed so hard when they were bouncing around on those big green balls. Ana having braces also added to the humor.



[SKETCH] Dog Show

Funny in a weird sort of way. It's pretty bad when the dogs get all the laughs. Whatta ya say we add Mr. Bojangles to the cast. He seems to get the most laughs.



[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Not his best. I think he should get his lines straight before he goes on national television. And plus, if he messes up he shouldn't talk about it afterwards. Tracy was kinda funny but I'd rather see someone singing on Update.




Good song. Good Message. But it sounded like he had a frog in his throat.



[SKETCH] Harry Connick Jr. teased with laser pen

Those laser things really are annoying. Jimmy Fallon's impressions are always dead on. Did anyone else watch the second to last episode of Seinfeld? It was pretty much the same thing, but it was still really funny anyway.



[SKETCH] History Channel's The War Abroad and at Home

Got kinda boring after awhile. Pretty disrepectful towards the veterans of WWII. Kinda funny that they had no clue what they were talking about.



[SKETCH] NBC exec creates Frankenteen

Somewhat funny. Did anyone else notice the screws sticking out of his neck? What was the name of the show he was in? Crested Butte? What the heck does that mean? Or maybe I don't want to know.



[SKETCH] Maria works her magic on Anthony

Funny for a 10 minutes til 1 sketch. Finally James did a character that required some talent. Not that he doesn't have any. I better shut up before I get myself in trouble.




It was good but not as good as the Cameron Diaz Episode. Update needs to be a little better. I'm not one of those screw Colin, we want Norm back people, but I must admit Update isn't doing that well as of lately.




Don't forget to watch "The Norm Show" this March on ABC. I can't wait to see if it's funny or not.

Before I go I want to thank Sean for this web site. If it wasn't for this web site I would be clueless on what's going on with SNL. I visit your site pretty much every day. I know how hard it is to keep up a web site like this but I just want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch Sean

Episode Review written by Luke Webb

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