James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999

OVERVIEW: When I heard James Van Der Beek was hosting, I thought it wouldn't be all that bad of a show. When I saw him on Conan, he kind-of had a dry personality, so I thought the show would focus on more of the regular cast and their regular characters. What I really saw in the episode was a show full of new ideas. (Many of them being VERY lame!!) Van Der Beek also didnt impress me with his variety of characters. Both the Spelling Bee, Dog Show, and a few others featured a lispy talking, same-old Van Der Beek. There wasnt much variety. Another thing was that the featured players seemed to be in as much, if not more of the show than many of the regular cast, That probably isnt a good thing. Overall--I was pretty disappointed.


[OPENING] Clinton meets Flynt

This was an EXTREMELY average opening. It was still pretty funny though. I liked how Hillary came in and started making out with Larry at the end. Grade : B-


[MONOLOGUE] James Van Der Beek

Well, this answered my question of why the announcer sounded off in the opening "theme". It still wasnt that bad of an opening. It could have been MUCH worse. Grade: B-


[COMMERCIAL] Teeny Weenies

Usually skecthes with Cheri, Ana, and Molly are my favorite, this one, to the contrary, definitely was not. It was a good idea, it just wasnt makin me laugh. Grade: C


[SKETCH] National Spelling Bee Finals

This was STUPID!! Especially the ending with the freeze shot of Will. When I saw that this was the lead-off sketch, I new i was in for a downer of an episode. Grade: D+


[COMMERCIAL] 'Cats' on home video

This was a good idea, and I'm sure it took a LOT of time and effort to put together. However, I still rarely found myself laughing. the stage director playing the game boy was kinda funny, but this was disappointing. Grade: C-


[SKETCH] Teen Pulse: 7 Degrees Celsius

This was pretty lame!! The shots with the woman talking with the girls in the back was KINDA funny though. But as for the singing, part -- I was WAY disappointed. Chris Kattan was a low bright spot. A lot of girls I know seemed to like it though--and thats pretty obvious. Grade: C


[SKETCH] Dog Show

This was the ONLY actually FUNNY, and GOOD sketch of the night!!!!!! It improved a TON over the first time, when I didnt like it as much. Just hearing Will and molly say "Mr Bo Jenkles (?), and Mr Rocky Balboa made me laugh! Im looking foward to seeing the one again. I cracked up when the put the flashlight on bo jenkles for the ghost story....the only down spot was V. Der Beeks character. I still enjoyed it!! Grade: A-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

The jokes werent quite as funny as usual (I think) and Tracy Morgans thing didnt really get me goin. I still like Colin doin W.U. though. He really has shown a TON of improvement with being himself. Grade: C-



they were ok..Im not a HUGE fan of them.


[SKETCH] Harry Connick Jr. teased with laser pen

This was kinda dumb...but KINDA stupid-funny. Laser pointers are THE most annoying fad EVER!!!!!! Grade: B-


[SKETCH] History Channel's The War Abroad and at Home

I HATED this with a PASSION!!! It was one of the worst sketches all year!!! Grade: Solid F


[SKETCH] NBC exec creates Frankenteen

This was again kinda dumb-funny. Sadly, it was one of the better sketches!! Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Maria works her magic on Anthony

I love Cheri O'Teri--and it really made her shine! The whole idea behind this was kinda dumb...but it made me laugh a little. Grade: B


OVERALL---This show SUCKED!!! It had only one really funny sketch! Oh well--this season has been pretty good so far...so I guess I shouldnt complain. Grade: C-

Episode Review written by Jon Tanzer

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