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January 16, 1999

Well, I would like to give a shout out to Andrew Killer. Read my Bill Paxton review as well.

With Best of the New Season imminent on January 30, I thought I'd tell you which sketches I think deserve the distinction of appearing on this special. I have no idea how long they all are, so I don't know if this will run long or short, but if there were no such thing as time, this would be my show.

Jingleheimer Junction (Diaz)
Judge Judy (Lawless)
Howard Stern TV Funhouse (Lawless)
Celebrity Jeopardy (Stiller)
Mango and Kiwi (Spade)
Happy Birthday Grandma (Spade)
Hollywood Minute (Spade)
VH1 Spirituality Awards (Allen)
Fat Albert (Paxton)
Schwettie Balls (Baldwin)
Extreme Hunting (Paxton)

I should also point out that they still have yet to show Best of 1997-98. It's usually on by this time. Just wanted to remind people.

And now, review time.


Overview - They originally had Woody Harrelson and Whitney Houston for this show. But they both cancelled and I was stuck with two people I barely know. I was just hoping it would be worth it.


The Clintons vs. Larry Flynt - Harrelson would have shown as Larry Flynt in this sketch. This didn't really get funny until Hillary came in, but it was good then. Horaitio Sans is really Developing into a chris Farley type of charachter. I like him almost as much too! Overall? C+


Monologue - That did not sound like Pardo at all. Good premise, but I wasn't impressed. C


Commercial: Teeny Weenies - Good idea, bad writing. How many times have I said that? Well, actually it's my first, but you gotta start sometime! C


National Spelling Bee Championship - The undisputed highlight of the night. Why? Hey, look over there! A


CATS - This was way to real to be a parody. I don't tune in to SNL to watch a documentary. F-


Teen Pulse - Same as CATS. Same comments, same grade, same boredom. F-


Dog Show - Why are they even repeating this? D


Weekend Update - As if things couldn't get any worse, even my man Colin was off tonight. Some jokes were way off. I did like the Bulls jokes and the ODB thing. Tracy was annoying in this particular appearance. I miss Dominican Lou. B+ (yes, I still liked it)


Everlast - Not bad at all. B


Harry Connick Jr. - Another okay sketch. Jimmy does a mean Connick. This sketch is probably gonna give people ideas, or in some cases, re-inforce their old ideas. B-


History Channel - Another sketch that looked too real. Liked the references to Hitler and Mork and Mindy. C-


Frankenteen - I suppose it's true. This wasn't developed enough. C-


Maria - Oh no, even the ending bites. F


Overall - I was very disappointed with this show. I've considered changing channels numerous times, but I am a loyal viewer. And, luckily that time of night there's not much else to do. Tim Meadows rules1!! D-

Episode Review written by Jim Enforcer

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