James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999

I missed the opening and monologue, but if they were like the rest of the show I'm sure they were great!


[COMMERCIAL] Teeny Weenies - This was hillarious! I loved Ana's babies that were so small they could fit in a spoon. SNL has such a strong female cast right now they would be crazy not to use them for stuff like this more often. grade: A+


[SKETCH] National Spelling Bee Finals - This was pretty funny. Will Ferrel is always great in that nervous "in charge, but don't really know what I am doing" role. Molly Shannon, as always, was great. They definitely could have used Mary Katherine Gallagher here. She has been in a spelling bee before, but that wouldn't matter. Molly plays a great school girl. The ending was a little disappointing, but funny. I would have liked to have seen the nerdy kids whoop Will Ferrel's @ss. grade: B+


[COMMERCIAL] 'Cats' on home video - I loved this! I especially like the fact that there is probably a lot of truth in it. grade: A


[SKETCH] Teen Pulse: 7 Degrees Celsius - Again, the female cast is so great and works so well together. The men also did a bang-up job as fake teen idols. I especially liked Horatio Sanz "dispelling" all the rumors about him. Funny, funny stuff. grade: A


[SKETCH] Dog Show - This was SO FUNNY! I guess I missed it the first time it was shown, on the Vince Vaughn episode, so I was caught completely by surprise. Can I just say that Molly Shannon is great!! She plays such a good eccentric, I loved it when she would say "I do love dogs". Will Ferrel and James Van Der Beek were awesome as well. Their songs were really funny. I loved meeting the guest dogs and the discussion about Lady Jane Marie's crush on Captain Gingersnap who wasn't interested because he only liked comic books and not girls. And then Molly accused Will of being the same way and he said "I do like comics, but I don't like girls because I am a homosexual" Will is so good at lines like that. grade: A+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn - I must say that Colin is growing on me. I liked Norm a lot, but Colin does make me laugh a lot. Tracy Morgan was classic. He played a great stereotypical gay gossip journal. Then when he started to accuse Colin of being gay Colin looked at the camera like "help me". That was the best part. grade: B


[MUSICAL GUEST] Everlast - I'd never even heard of these guys before, but they were pretty good. grade: C


[SKETCH] Harry Connick Jr. teased with laser pen - This was kind of from out of nowhere, I thought, but I liked it. Jimmy Falon did a terriffic impression of Harry Connick Jr. Tracy and James were good as well. Tracy is getting to do more, he is pretty good. grade: B


[SKETCH] History Channel's The War Abroad and at Home - So very funny, I could not stop laughing. The sad thing is that a lot of high school reports on WWII and other things are probably very similar. Great sketch! grade: A-


[SKETCH] NBC exec creates Frankenteen - Funny stuff! Frankenteen was a great idea and James portrayed him wonderfully. It was so funny that NBC had to create the perfect teen idol. He was perfect too, I would date him! When he turned on the charm, he really turned it on and then to see him go back to being a neanderthal was too much. grade: A+


[SKETCH] Maria works her magic on Anthony - This was pretty good. Cheri was great, full of energy as always. James was hot for one thing, and I loved it when he said he told his girl friend he would "only do her and wouldn't do anyone else". The DeVry comments at the end made me laugh a lot too. Good one. grade: B+


I think this episode was the best so far of the whole season! We got to see Molly Shannon a lot, which was fantastic because I love her. James Van Der Beek was an awesome host because he made it possible to make fun of teens and teen related things so often. Being a teen myself, I love to make fun of my generation because of the silly silly things we do and like. SNL did a wonderful job of this. Props all around!

Episode Review written by Jennifer Huelsman

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