James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999

Rating Key

5: Spectacular
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Poor
1: Bad


[OPENING] Clinton and Flint

I thought it was OK but it still wasn't as good as it was hoped to be. I liked Ana Gastyer at the end as Hillary. 3



I loved this! It was so funny with the underwear gift and Chris Parnell stalking James Van Der Beek. 4


[COMMERCIAL] Teeny Weenies

This was different. I liked it. It had a certain something in it that made it one of the best commercials on SNL ever. 4 1/2


[SKETCH] National Spelling Bee Finals

I thought this had to be the best sketch of the night. How do I know that? Well.... Hey, look over there! 5


[COMMERCIAL] Cats on home video

It was cute. It was deffinately funny. I cracked up when Van Der Beek came out with that huge mane. And when he walked in on the poker game and they choked him, I almost crapped my pants. 4 1/2


[SKETCH] Teen Pulse

What the hell was that?!?! I have never seen anything so bizar in my life. What was up with Kattan and Sanz's hair? 2 1/2


[SKETCH] Dog Show

Hillarious! It was so funny. I thought Mr. Bojangles was so funny. The best line was by Will Ferell when he said "I don't like women because I am a homosexual." 4



OK I guess. Didn't pay much attention. 3



I don't like that kind of music, but I give them credit points. 3 1/2


[SKETCH] Harry Connick Jr.

Pretty much stupid. Those laser pens are getting kind of anoying. 1 1/2


[SKETCH] World War ll

Didn't pay much attention but from what I saw it was OK. 3


[SKETCH] Frankenteen

Pretty good. It was hillarious when Frankenteen spazed out in the end. "Do you think we should give Jeff Foxworthy a new show?" 4


[SKETCH] Maria

Kinda gross. Not that funny. 2



Funniest one of the year. I don't know much, but I know that. And how do I know that you ask? Why... hey look over there!

Episode Review written by Cap41

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