James Van Der Beek / Everlast
January 16, 1999


Don't tell anyone, but I was excited for this show. I hadn't heard of Everlast, but the idea of Dawson hosting just sounded funny, so I was pretty sure the episode would be...funny. I wanted to see him do comedy. Was this show as good as I expected...?


Clinton Meets Flynt:

This was a funny opener, with some good lines. It was a good idea, too.

--9 out of 10


James Van Der Beek Mononlogue/Opening Montage:

I didn't know whose voice that was, but I knew it wasn't Pardo's. I guess it was Hammond's after all. Pretty good impression. Anyway, this was a funny monologue, but kind of a crappy idea. Can somebody please tell me where the hell the real Pardo was??

--8 out of 10


Teeny Weenies:

This was a funny commercial, even though I didn't really laugh out loud. It just didn't play along with the atmosphere of the night's episode. On video, it was good.

--8 out of 10


National Spelling Bee Finals:

A very funny first after-the-monologue skit. Will was good for the part, and Dawson was funny, but the ending was pretty dumb.

--8.5 out of 10


"Cats" on Home Video:

I thought that this would be a good idea, and it was. It really was. I loved this one, and how the amount of time that one was on the show translated into the amout of joy he/she had. Parnell was good.

--9 out of 10


Teen Pulse: 7 Degrees Celsius:

Skit of the night! This was a great idea, and even though it was long, I loved all of it, except for the excessive annoyance of the female response. Beat me up later. Anyway, this skit was very well-written and fit into every group like that today. Some very good lines helped this one, and it was just perfect for the night's atmosphere. I've been waiting for something like this.

--9.5 out of 10


Dog Show:

I really thought this was going to be the best first half of the year. I was failed. There are 3 bad thingas about this skit: 1. They put it on very early in the show. 2. They put it on only 3 episodes after the first "Dog Show" aired. 3. They put it on. I really tried to laugh, but I just couldn't. Best skit of the night if you subtract the "best" part of it and put in "worst."

--2 out of 10 (I'm surprised the audience in the studio enjoys this one)



Funny jokes. I was expecting Dominican Lou, but we got a new Morgan character. This was funny, but Morgan has to learn to as my grandfather would say, "ENUNCIATE!!!"

--8 out of 10



This one had a nice beat to it, but went on a little too long. I like the song.

--8 out of 10


Harry Connick Jr. Teased with Laser Pen

I've waited for them to do something like this on the show, and they did some funny things woth this. I'm glad it didn't go on too long. Timing is everything, unless the skit just plain sucks. But this was good. Good impression, once again, by Fallon.

--7.5 out of 10


History Channel's The War Abroad and at Home:

This was a funny idea, and both fortunately and unfortunately, my parents and I both loved it. Will and Ana were great for this, and the footage was good.

--8.5 out of 10



This was another great skit. Tim was hilarious, as always. And Dawson was good for this. I wanted SNL to do something like this, ad the whole idea was funny.

--8.5 out of 10


Maria works her magic on Anthony:

I was waiting for a bad skit in the second half. This was a good 10 to 1, though. I've liked this character. No big deal.

--6 out of 10



Arguably the best episode of the year, and I wasn't even too surprised. There were a lot of good idea. I'm looking forward to James Van De-- I mean Gwyneth Paltrow hosting, and the 'Ladies are awesome. The good skits made the bad ones look good.

--8.5 out of 10


**Note: In my 8th grade music show, I sang a solo from the Barenaked Ladies song, "If I Had $1,000,000."

Episode Review written by Artie

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