Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

[OPENING] Star Wars Night Live

This was great. I liked to see something different.
Grade: B


[MONOLOGUE] Ben Stiller

I really like Ben and he did good. It was also funny when all of the Yankees came out. Even though I hate them, GO BRAVES!
Grade: B


[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy

Probably the best Celebrity Jeopardy since the beginning. Jimmy Fallon was hilarious as Adam Sandler, he even included a song. Ben Stiller was great as Tom Cruise. I really liked how he acted. It was just like Cruise. I only have one problem, get somebody other than Sean Connery! It was funny the first 200 times.
Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Pretty Living

I like this sketch. I like Molly Shannon as the liscensed joyologist. I also like how she was like, "My little man, I love it, I love it! Every second of it!" She's hilarious.
Grade: A



This was funny as hell. The first funny TV Funhouse in a long time.
Grade: B


[MUSICAL GUEST] Alanis Morrissette

The only way I would've watched this is if she would've stripped down like in the video.



Jimmy Fallon is gonna replace Will Ferrell as the funniest male cast member. His Halloween carols were great. Altogether it was ok.
Grade: A


[SKETCH] A Romantic Halloween

I like these sketches. They were getting kinda steamy on this one. I didn't really like the gay part. But I do like it how Chris Kattan gets soooo mad when somebody says something. He's hilarious
Grade: B


[SKETCH] Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol

I think this was one of the better sketches of the night. I wish Stiller was a cast member.
Grade: A


[MUSICAL GUEST] Alanis Morrissette

Didn't watch it.


[SKETCH] Kevin & His Parents

I liked this, but it was confusing at first. I mean, was he supposed to be an adult acting like a child, a teenager, or an adult. But it was still a good sketch. Was this the same set used for those Matt Foley sketches when Phil Hartman was the dad and David Spade was the son?
Grade: B


[SKETCH] Steve Wynn's Bellagio Hotel and Casino

This was ok. I don't remember much of it.
Grade: C


[SKETCH] The Election Campaign

This was pretty funny for an end-of-the-nighter. I'll solve the bat problem once and for all.
Grade: A


This was one of the better ones of the season. Is Chris Elliot or Brett Favre hosting soon? (Cast of There's Something About Mary)
Grade: B

Episode Review written by Mark Miller

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