Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

Ben is Thrown From Rockefeller Plaza: Not bad for an opening. At least it was original. I liked the use of stunt doubles during the fight scene. Grade: B-


Monologue with The New York Yankees: The YANKEES RULE!!!!!!!! Grade:A+


Celebrity Jeopardy: To me this is the funniest skit that this show produces. I loved Norm as Burt Reynolds and I definitely miss him but it doesn't matter. Even the new guy was great as Adam Sandler. Connery had the greatest line with the Titties instead of Titles remark and then Tom Cruise used the same line. I was rolling on the floor with this one. Grade: A+


Pretty Living: I don't get this. Sucked in comparison to Celebrity Jeopardy. Grade:D


Heteroy: Great cartoon. That makes two weeks in a row. Don't ever put back on the Maakies. Grade: B+


Alanis Morrissette: Finally a great musical guest. Grade:A


Weekend Update: Is the new guy's whole act trying to be exactly like Adam Sandler. How lame is that? Colin must lose the standup before the update. He blows. Grade:C


Josh and Laura's Halloween Party: This was pretty funny although it is exactly the same each time. Grade:B


Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: I liked this a lot. Tim was great as usual. Grade:B


30 Years Old and Living With His Parents: Excellent for a skit that appeared near the end of the show. I loved Ana in this and the last line by the father about how he can't wait for his death was classic. Grade:B+


Steve Wynn's Bellagio Hotel and Casino: This blew. It didn't go anywhere. Who was the showgirl who walked by? Grade:C


Cointreau for Congress / Mason in '98 -All reviewed together- This really sucked. Not funny at all. If they taped this in advance, which I'm sure they did, they really dropped the ball. It was not funny at all.


Overall: Not bad but not good either. I really liked Jeopardy but nothing else was really great. Why didn't they use the Yankees in a skit? Why no "Something About Mary" skit. Why in 4 week of shows they use two stars from that movie. Is nobody else available? Good move to have Alanis sing two songs. Why can't all the artists be stars like her and not more like that loser Elliott from last week that no one ever heard of. GRADE: B.

Episode Review written by Marc Persily

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