Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

Overview: With Ben Stiller hosting, that makes 3 out of 4 hosts I don't know much about, Kelsey Grammer being the odd man out. Well, I hear he was a featured player once, so he can't be all bad. Nice to see a fellow Canuck in Alanis Morissette, as it always is, but I'm getting a bit sick of her name. (Is it two "r's" or two "s's"?) And I got the tip about the Yankees in advance, (Thanx Sean) which I usually enjoy, but hoped it wouldn't be the sole highlight.


Stiller gets cheesed at Lorne: The fight was a bit amusing, but overall this cold sketch was a bit dumb. C-


Monologue: The crack about Will smoking crack reminded me of Norm, (natch) but where did it go after that? Of course, good to see the Yankees, but they could have done better than standing there while Stiller's telling his life story. D


Celebrity Jeopardy: Move over Jingleheimer Junction, this is the new best sketch of the year! I've been hearing about Jimmy Fallon's Adam Sandler impression for a while and it's good to finally see it. The writers never fail to think of new stuff to make the celebrities look dumb. A++++!


Pretty Living: Sure, follow the season's new funniest sketch with the season's new dumbest one. Pointless and disgusting. F-


TV Funhouse - Heteroy: A gay-bashing superhero? Whatever. Good, but not worth repeating. C+


Alanis Morissette: Great! This is one of those token moments when I say I'm proud to be Canadian. A


Weekend Update: The usual greatness from Colin. Jimmy Fallon is the next Adam Sandler, but that Arafat and Netanyahu thing was a bit slow. B+


Halloween Party: Huh? C-


Real Stories of the Highway Patrol: If there's one thing SNL does well, it's stereotype. B


Alanis Morissette: Finally! An encore! The only bad thing about that is I had to type her name one more time. :) A


Annoyed Son: I shouldn't laugh, cuz this is probably gonna be me in 15 years. The son's outbursts and the parent's tolerance remind me of Adam Sandler's "Buffoon" character from his comedy albums. B


Commercial - Bellaggio Hotel and Casino: I don't like the real commercials and this almost became one. F


Commercial - Randy Cointreau for Congress: Bat control? Is that the best you can do? F


Commercial - Boo Mason for Congress: This was even worse. F


Commercial - Randy Cointreau for Congress: Hey, just because Daylight Savings Time is ending doesn't mean you need to make the show seem an hour longer. F-!


Commercial - Boo Mason for Congress: Hey, the bats attack the dumb commercial, I say keep the bats! C (for the bat attack)


Overall: Celebrity Jeopardy brought the show up, the ending ... brought my dinner up. When I only give three A's and two are for the musical guest, that's not good. C-

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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