Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

Cold Opening: Stiller's On Top Of The World

Sorry Ben, you're funny, but not THAT funny to make you King of the World *


Opening Monologue

Okay, the arriving late thing was cool (I love seeing people run for comic reasons). But since I'm a Yankee hater (And Oriole fan) I was holding my middle fingers at the screen the whole time those cheaters were out there. **


Sketch: Celebrity Jeopardy!

Jimmy Fallon's Adam Sandler is Priceless!!! The other impressions were good too. But it's time we kill this sketch now, k? ***


Sketch: Pretty Living

Okay, whoever wrote this should be shot and made look like a suicide. Well, not really, but grrrr this one was bad. 0 stars


Cartoon: Family Christian Values Network Presents "Hete-Roy!"

Decent. Sorta. Not the Ambiguously Gay Duo, but sort of on the same lines. *


Musical Guest: Alanis Morissette Performs "Thank You"

Now if she sang it naked, that would have made the song even worse!


Weekend Update With Yasser Arafat,Benjamin Netanyahu And Jimmy Fallon

The Netenyahu thing can suck it hard. But Jimmy Fallon is a decent guitar player and a possible Adam Sandler. Let's tune in later. ***


Sketch: Horny Neighbors

This sketch was making my laughing genes horny watching it! (Bad joke, I know) It was very funny, and if I ever had neighbors like that, I'd move! ***


Sketch: Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol

Eh, it didn't fail. **


Musical Guest: Alanis Morissette Performs "???"

Oh my God! A second song! Smashing Pumpkins need to return now! I wonder who Alanis had to sleep with to get this wonderful honor.


Sketch: The Disgruntled Son

I can see a lot of myself (I'm 17) in this guy. Very sad. ***


Commercial: Randy Cointreau And Boo Mason Solving The Bat Problem 98'

Huh? Okay, why does the show suck my nuts by 1:00? *



What was this? I didn't see it. Maybe it was something that was supposed to be funny but wasn't.

Episode Review written by Jessie

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