Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

Ben is Thrown - Good opening, very funny. B+


monologue - Cheap but effective w/ the yanks B+


Celebrity Jeopardy - KICK ASS! Very funny, one of the best. A+++


Pretty Living - Already used to death, getting old. B-


Heteroy - A little too risqué for national TV, funny though. B.


Alanis Morissette - THANK U ALANIS! Also BABA was great. A


Update - Wonderful, Colin stepped into the shoes of Norm and Kevin perfectly. Also, Jimmy Fallon was hilarious. A


Halloween Party - Seen it before, same old stuff, not funny. C+


Highway Patrol - Great, love the JESUS pronunciation. A


Living With Parents - Very funny and creative. B+


Bellagio Hotel - Underrated, very funny, and just what the show needed to end on. A-


Cointreau / Mason - Awesome segment, great humor w/ the bats. A -


The Following reviews are from the dress rehersal. They were not aired, but cut from dress....


John Glenn - Dont know why they cut it, very funny, love the "Space Rascal" Glenn rides. A


CNN/FN - great fake puke as market crashes, should have been aired. A-


Leather - Stupid sketch, rightfully cut. C-


Oprah - One of the best ever, women jump as oprah advises. A


Lawrence Taylor from WU - hilarious sketch about drugs and LT. A


Overall aired - B. They cut too many good things.

Overall dress - A+. A great show on top of meeting will ferrell, colin quinn, Darrel Hammond and BEN STILLER!

Episode Review written by Jeff

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