Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998


Cold Opening: Stiller's On Top Of The World

It's always good to open an episode with an outside shot. I dunno why...anyone else notice that Lorne looked a lot different when he was fighting? :::Thick sarcasm::: Anyway,I got a kick out of this sketch,mainly because of Stiller's revenge with Lorne.But hot DAMN,that shot of him falling and opening the show was LAME! Sorry...an average opener,so it gets a... Rating: GE


Opening Montage/Theme Song

As long as the Band (note the capitalization...all hail your Gods,The SNL Band! :::dies:::) keeps changing the song every week,I'll keep reviewing it in these reviews.This week they returned to the song they used on the first show this season,with Cameron Diaz.I like this one better than I did when I first heard it a month ago,and I hope they stick with it.But,the way the year's been going so far... Rating: GE CA


Monologue: Stiller Rushes In For Cheap Applause

As a continuation of the opening,this was pretty good,maybe not the Chris Farley show's good,but good.The Band began playing the theme again too soon,and the cheap jokes about Stiller smoking crack and then the even cheaper appearences by the Yankees made this a rather forgettable monologue.One thing that makes it worth watching again,though,is this- a minute after the first yank comes out,you can see Lenny talking to other Band members, and right before another yank blocks him out,he holds out a page of sheet music,presumebly discussing which piece they were going to commercial with. Don't call me nuts,they get no camera time anymore,so I take what I can get... Rating: GE C The C is for the Band


Sketch: Celebrity Jeopardy!

This,for once,was funny. Most of them have sucked since Goodman's Marlon Brando one from 1997,but I loved Fallon's Sandler impersonation,the always present Hammond as Sean Connery,and the dead-on-balls accurate Tom Cruise impression by Ben Stiller. And,as an added bonus,I learned that the word "Titties" is acceptable on TV! I liked that Fallon did impressions from all of Sandler's sketches,such as the 1992 Sinbad episode's "Office Party" sketch,where he played a retard who went "Abba dabba HO-OO-OO! Abba dabba HO-OO-OO!".One of the night's best,with my shining... Rating: GE CA


Sketch: Pretty Living

Um,mommy,make these go away...and while you're at it,make Sean update his SNL site...Rating: G


Cartoon: Family Christian Values Network Presents "Hete-Roy!"

Dude,this was hella funny! I should send a copy of this to the church of God Hates Fags (I'm not being funny,that's it's name...)."Thank you thank you lord,for keeping my anus clean"... as a fellow bisexual,I applaud Smigel again,who knew he could do two funny cartoons in a row (after last week's Stern)? Rating: GE CAF


Musical Guest: Alanis Morissette Performs "Thank You"

Thank God for closed captioning.It was a nice performance,but you almost couldn't hear her at all! Wait,that's a good thing... Rating: GE C


Weekend Update With Yasser Arafat,Benjamin Netanyahu And Jimmy Fallon

Colin--remember the last 3 weeks? Short WU,nice opener,one guest? Why'd you change it back this week?? It should've died after Jimmy's miserably failed attempt to fill Adam Sandler's shoes,but they kept defribulating it until the peace treaty bit came up.I guess it was rather amusing,but...what the hell,the rest of the show wasn't that great,so it's all the same. Rating: GE


Sketch: Horny Neighbors

Sorry,I couldn't think of a better name for this,and since there's no list of sketches available on the site :::cough cough update cough your site cough:::,"Horny Neighbors" will have to do.I was surprised,but I recognized it about 45 seconds in,and it was just as funny as the first time! I like the way Stiller was flirting with Kattan,nice change of pace.Now,should I be nice and give it the review it deserves,or the review based on taste? I say it deserves... Rating: GE CA


Sketch: Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol

In the immortal words of George Foreman as the Hulk,"No,Hulk no dummy.Hulk watch show. Every sketch,one joke,over and over,no end."Did this really need to go on 5 minutes? I shouldn't be so tough on these folks,they put in a hard week,and it was funny as hell the first 3 minutes,so I'll give it a beautiful little... Rating: GE C


Musical Guest: Alanis Morissette Performs "???"

What's this? A second song? Back in the day,an average show had two songs,but a high- profile guest got three.Nowadays,one song is average,and two for a big timer.Too bad,considering the sketches aren't that great now days,but in the 70's and late 80's-early 90's,the show had killer comedy. Rating: GE C


Sketch: The Disgruntled Son

LMAO! I was like this when I was 17,I couldn't imagine staying home another 13 years,I probobly would've lost it...:::Notices he's a 34 year old who's writing reviews for no pay for a website::: Perhaps I'm too late...I could not stop laughing during the phone part,or when he dropped his dish! Pretty good for this late. Rating: GE CAF


Sketch: Steve Wynn's Casino's And Picasso's (Is that right?Correct it if it's not,please.)

Umm,this SUCKED! It SUCKED! It SUCKED! I have no idea what the joke was supposed to be,or if this was punishment for Stiller getting cut during his short lived feature player days...at any rate,we are the ones who payed,and now he pays.Ben,you get... Rating: G


Commercial: Randy Cointreau And Boo Mason Solving The Bat Problem 98'

This was pretty good,I think they wanted to run these in and out during the show,but just clumped them together at the end,which is a good idea.I'm sorry I'm sucking with this week's review,but when there's not much in the show,I can't get enthused.I'm listening to this depressing song,this guy's singing a song to his deadbeat dad.Father of mine,tell me what do you see,when you look back at your wasted life,and you don't see me? I'm gonna cry...anyway,end this nightmare with... Rating: GE CA



What happened to the good old days? The days when you couldn't stop laughing all the way through,and the cast was working,perhaps they relied too heavily on recurring sketches too often,but it was funny.Oh well,I shouldn't totally dis em. Rating: GE C

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