Ben Stiller / Alanis Morrissette
October 24, 1998

Ben Vs. Lorne:

Original Idea, but went nowhere.



Only liked Will and Tim in the beginning.


Celebrity Jeoprady:

Will never be the same without Norm, But Darrell and Jimmy were pretty good.Famous Tities good one haha.


Pretty Living:

Helen Madden is actully worse than Mary Katherine Galleger.



Not too funny, the last Maakies sketch was actully funnier than this.


Alanis Morissette:

Why did this come on so early in the show?


Weekend Update With Colin Quinn:

Is it me, or is Colin Quinn getting REALLY Bad, (not that he ever was good). Apparently Jimmy Fallon still thinks hes Adam Sandler.The Yasir Arafat and Ben Netanyahu thing was alright.


Sexual Couple:

I hated this the First time it aired during the Chevy Chase Episode, Hated it more during the Matthew Broderick Episode, and i Really hate it now.


Highway Patrol:

Though the Audience didn't seem to like this too much, It was one of my favorites of the night.


Alanis Morissette:

Not again!


Kevin the 30 year old who lives with his parents:

I liked this one, Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer were great as the Parents.As was Ben as the Frustrated Son.


Bellagino Hotel and Casino:

One Word, Lame.


The Bat Problem:

Was funny for one minute, the second minute it got alittle bad.



Wow! they are now getting cut before any Credits get to be shown.


Overall not too bad of a show. Not too many skits though.

Episode Review written by Emmanual Goldstein

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