David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998


Preface: Another Saturday night has passed where I should have gone out or gone to bed early. David Spade, although quite the little twit, had his moments. Needless to say, SNL has much work to do.

Grades: A= Excellent/ Classic, A- = Best of material. B+= Very funny. B= Funny, solid skit. B-= good/somewhat humorous.. C+= more Amusing than funny. C= Average. C-= Watchable. D= Should have been cut. F= Vomit provoking, even Ann Risley would turn it down.


Opening/ Spade and Pitt: Another one of those lame brained openers SNL alumni skits. What was the point of this? The sad thing about this sketch was that David Spade probably believed everything he said to be true. He better see Stuart Smalley. Why was Brad Pitt there? Grade: C-.


Monologue: At least there was a real monologue this time. Problem: it wasn't too funny. This mono falls way short of ones given by past SNL alumni hosts Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Dana Carvey, and Eddie Murphy Grade: C-.


Car Sex Commercial: Cutting edge or another sign of societal decay? This went too far and was sophmoric. It is one thing to joke about sex, to some extent, but this was perverse. SNL past would have never gone this low. The " adobe" parody from the late 80's or the circumcision (pardon the spelling) skit from the 70's far outstripes this sorry piece of cheap, and crude garbage. (Chris Parnell seemed to enjoy this role) Grade: D.


Monica: Actually, a somewhat witty piece, for today's SNL anyway. The Oprah Winfrey bing hauled in by her politically correct worshipers (like some Egyptian princess ) was cute and kind of accurate. Grade: C+


Com1: Loser candidate: Amusing and a semi-intellegent take-off on attack ads and how they go too far in today's politcal environment. However, once was enough. Grade: C+.


Accounting Equity: Sex crazed financial show: The writers must have been getting high on Viagra when they wrote this episode's script! I didn't care for this sketch, although it had some funny moments. Grade: C-.


Comm 2: I like the first one, but the real losers are the SNL writers. Grade: D.


Army Base Love: An semi-original sketch. Finally a non- TV show parody. The only problem, not very good. It gave Will Ferrell the chance to yell, again. He might need a voice box when his SNL career is through. Grade: C-.


Mango: Mango! David Spade played his part too well. Chris Rock, go back to HBO. Grade: C-.


Happy Birthday Grandma: Not a bad premise. Not funny, but amusing. Grade: C+/ C.


Weekend Update: Colin is probably the hardest worker on SNL today. Some funny jokes, a rough Brooklyn delivery, coupled with David Spade's return as the crack Hollywood Minute insulter (his most infamous and only truly funny character) The puppet thing came from a viagta induced halusenation by the writers. Grade: C+.


Eagle Eyed Cherry: N/R.

Dr. Laura: I'm suprised they didn't imitate her earlier. This could develop into another reoccurring character for Mrs. Gasteyer. Has potential. Grade: C.


Strippers: Pointless. It looks like some members of the Clinton Whitehouse are submitting sketch ideas to SNL! Grade: F.


Overall Grade: C. An average SNL and somewhat over hyped. No standout sketches and Spade proved that he is not a premiere SNL alumnius, although some of my fellow Generation Xers would digress. Too many juvenille sex jokes and very little substance. I'm sorry, SNL needs to be overhauled, but that won't happen probably until the 2000-2001 season.

Episode Review written by Maddog

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