David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998

opening psychologist scene:

eh. Forgive me, but I got sorta bored.... 2 out of 10



I thought this was really funny, especially the bit about the polar bear. "Ohmygod, I can't believe he's doing it... he's coming over! <snicker>" 6 out of 10


The Car Commercial:

if you ask my friends what I thought, they'll say "She said it was sick, sick, sick!" If you ask me, I'll say it cracked me up. Then i will shoot you before you can tell anyone. 7 out of 10


Monica Lewinsky's interview:

kinda dragged on. The Oprah part was funny, as was the snackwells part (don''t ask me why-- it just was). But my friend can do a way better Larry Flynt, and she's a 110 pound girl. 3 out of 10


Mack North against Fred Peete:

worth a giggle. Funnier the second time around. 4 out of 10


Wall Street and Hot, Sweet Love:

now this I liked. When Ana is telling her hot love story and Spade sidles his hand over to Will's shoulder-- now thats humor, folks. "Join us next week when I'll tell of my encounter with an unknown hand in the bathroom stall" 8 out of 10


Mack North Again:

I loved the part about his chubby kids. By now I was into the laughing swing, and this seemed funnier. 6 out of 10


The Army Skit:

Boy, they were all just barely hangin on there, weren't they? It would've been funnier if they had kept it together throught the scene, but it's always neat to see a guy hit another guys face with his hat in MY book. My book is The Far Side Collection IIV, though... 4 out of 10


Mango, o Glorious Mango:

I'll say it again. I LOVE MANGO! Nothing on SNL right now makes me laugh as hard as that greased-up, gold-lame-clad little stripper. And it just made my day for Mango to find love with Kiwi, instead more of those horrible unwanted hunky movie-star leeches. The poodle sinched it for me. 10 out of 10, ba-beeeeee


Mack North comes back:

Ok, its after midnight, I laughed my ass off at Mango..... what? What's going on? Sorry, i went to go get cocoa right now and missed most of it. N/A


Grandma's 86th B-Day:

hehehehehe.... heheheheheeh.... heheheheheeheheheheh.... heheheheheehe!! Quite funny, quite funny indeed. "No, mom, I was not yelling!!" It was funnier since the kids looked so angelic. I liked this one, even though it was was a tad long. 9 out of 10


Weekend Update:

you know, it's strange, but this never made me laugh as much as it should. The hand-puppet was very strange, and David totally flubbed his lines halfway through. The squeaky voice was annoying, and the whole thing was really really long. It was ok though, since it was very late and after midnight, I'll laugh like a maniac at pictures falling off the wall. 5 out of 10


Eagle Eye Cherry:

I always hate the musical guests. I changed to Nick at Nite till it was over. goose egg



what?? what was this? Is Felicity a real show, or just making fun of teen dramas? Why could'nt Lance go without murmuring her lines? So many questions left unanswered.... 1 out of 10


That Radio Thing:

"Mommy says the information superhighway is littered with cheap truck-stop whores." The antsy kid was funny, but I kinda didn't get a big part of it... I don't listen to enough talk radio. 4 out of 10


Shane the chaparone's lecture on the treating the sluts with dignity:

I liked it. <looking up and noticing I liked the sick ones best> ok, so I'm a pervert. But i thought it was fairly funny, even though by the end it was sort of repetitive. The part about treating them as you would your own sisters was really good. 6 out of 10


The Show All Around:

I have been benevolent today. Mango helped majorly in giving me a good opinion of it. Mango helps all. Remember that, kids: Mango heals all. Bow to Mango. And wear blue eyeshadow. Always.

Episode Review written by Llama

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