David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998

Cold Opening: David Spade Visits B.P. Medical Group Licensed Psycologist

Brad, you suck. Next! *



Actually a real monologue for the first time since Chris Rock in 1996!!! Oh God, the world may end! ***


Commercial #1: The Mercury Mistress

Three words. Ha ha ha! Three more: Oh my God! Three more: Damn f**king funny! ****


Sketch: Monica Lewinski's Exclusive Interview Auditions

I just liked the Hail Oprah thing. **


Commercial #2: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #1

Nah, next! *


Sketch: Accruing Equity And Making Hot,Sweet Love

Hey, it was original, and I was laughing. ***


Commercial #3: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #2

Grrrrr....come on people! Creativity! Ever heard of it??


Sketch: Seargant Asks' Privates For "Woman Advice"

Needed to be scrapped. *


Sketch: Mango Meets Kiwi

First Mango sketch I actually liked. Hey, it's all in good fun. ***


Commercial #4: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #3



Sketch: Happy Birthday Grandma!

Yay! Will Ferrell is back!!! He's funny when he yells a lot. Sketch got kinda heavy though. **


Weekend Update With David Spade And His Hand Puppet

The hand puppet? Were they TRYING to be funny? Sucky Weekend Update, and it wasn't Colin's fault (mostly) **


Musical Guest: Eagle Eye Cherry Performs "Save Tonight"

This was an AWESOME performance. The song sounded really good.


Sketch: Lance On "Felicity"

No, the Keri Russell impression was bad, and the sketch didn't work. *


Sketch: KFI Talk Radio With Dr. Laura Schleslinger

I hated this one. 0 stars


Sketch: Gotta Give The Whore-Sluts Respect

Could have been much much funnier



Not good at all. Spade was funnier on the show as a cast member. (But don't rejoin, we don't miss you.)

Episode Review written by Jessie

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