David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998


Cold Opening: David Spade Visits B.P. Medical Group Licensed Psycologist

What is it about SNL alumni,when they host for the first time,they think they have to do openings like this? Farley,Stiller,Spade,etc.I mean,can't you think of something funnier to do,instead of pandering to a cheap plug with a bad celebrity cameo? And, BTW, that's one of the top 5 all time worst deliveries of the opening line... Rating: G


Opening Montage/Theme Song

Now they've gone back to song from last season's first two shows...:::Pimp slaps Lenny and Cheryl for their erratic behavior::: Rating: GE CA



Hey,guess what? There's no title for the monologue. That means Spade did an actual mono instead of singing or walking around backstage or slapping up audience members. He gave us a very funny story of polar bears and bitched about "COPS",delivering an old-fashioned monologue,and I couldn't have done it better.

Rating: GE CA


Commercial #1: The Mercury Mistress

LMAO! I loved this,and even though the love hole itself was digitally censored,there's nothing better than seeing Chris Parnell humping the rear of a car...the joke lost it's elasticity at the end,but otherwise,this is the stuff dreams are made of. Rating: GE CA


Sketch: Monica Lewinski's Exclusive Interview Auditions

The material this year may be rather weak,but it has the talent to make some of the best impersonations to date. I hated Gilda Radner's Barbara Walters "Baba Wawa", or Randy Quade's Ronald Reagan,so I can appreciate Cheri Oteri and Darrell Hamm- ond...the woman chanting "Oprah!" was hysterical! Damn,but that was a lame Larry Flynt...pretty good,so here it is. Rating:GE C


Commercial #2: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #1

Heh,"Meet Fred Peete,professional LOSER. You ate it,Fred Peete,and now you're going to eat ME!" Rating: GE CA


Sketch: Accruing Equity And Making Hot,Sweet Love

Pretty good,considering how bad I thought it would be. It didn't last too long,good thing,and Spade's comment "He tasered me in the nads" was classic...:::Rapes himself::: Ouch! Hate it when I do that...BTW,an interview with the anonymous hand from a bathroom stall,next week's review... Rating: GE C


Commercial #3: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #2

"Your kids are that extra kind of chubby that you know they'll grow up fat"... Rating: GE CAF


Sketch: Seargant Asks' Privates For "Woman Advice"

This sketch seemed to trail off at times,like when he started pecking Spade's hat with his,or when he came in and said "I LOVE YOU!"...:::Hits himself in the head with a pint of Haagen-Daaz Rasberry Pecan::: Ouch! Anyway,if anyone sees the sign of our God,Mr Fingers,which is this~~> Ð^ð Ð{`;´}ð Ð^ð ,BOW!!! Rating: GE


Sketch: Mango Meets Kiwi

:::Eats a mango::: Oh goody! Another Mango sketch! :::Starts peeling a kiwi::: And Spade as a cheap knock-off named Kiwi! Now I know I'm in heaven...:::Thick sarcasm::: Rating: GE


Commercial #4: Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #3

:::Shoots writers::: STOP DOING MULTI-TIER COMMERCIALS. Rating: GE C


Sketch: Happy Birthday Grandma!

I loved this,in some odd way,it appealed to me. Perhaps not seeing Chris Farley flailing wildly and screaming and smashing breakaways for almost a year got me in the mood to see Ferrall yelling and screaming. They gave the kids lots of lines and attention,which ROCKED! Rating: GE CA


Weekend Update With David Spade And His Hand Puppet

STOP! Too long again! Only one guest,thank heaven,but still almost 8 minutes,which is,IMHO 5 minutes too long.The Hollywood Minute was pretty good,compared to the last time he did it.What was with the tiny cue card? Rating: GE C


Musical Guest: Eagle Eye Cherry Performs "Save Tonight"

This had good sound,near perfect emulation of the record's sound,and he wasn't too drowned out by the music,either.As far as the song itself goes,I've already heard it one too many times,but music reviews are based on performance,not my taste,so to be fair... Rating: GE CA


Sketch: Lance On "Felicity"

First off,I've never heard of "Felicity" or Keri Russell or "Lance",so I'm running on empty here. Apparently it's hard to say your lines without mouthing the other actors lines,but I don't think it had the right comedic formula to work... Rating: G


Sketch: KFI Talk Radio With Dr. Laura Schleslinger

This was interesting to watch unfold,seeing exactly how it would end. I liked Spade's hyper kid act,and Ana's performance as an egotistical radio show host seemed a little too real,considering how many are actually that arrogant... Rating: GE C


Sketch: Gotta Give The Whore-Sluts Respect

Again,it didn't last too long,and it stopped telling the same joke over and over at just the right time,so I can't complain.Tracy and Ferrall gave incredible supporting roles as horny college students,and for them alone it gets... Rating: GE C



Not incredible,but acceptable. Hopefully Joan Allen (?) will be better,and I know JLH will rock...:::Thinks of JLH::: Sorry,but she's HOT! :::drools::: Anyway,see ya next week,when the front page will still say "Many updates tomorrow (Sunday)",and remember I AM UR FACEGOD PHEAR ME!!! >:-D

Episode Review written by GE Cafe

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