David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998

[Cold Opening] David Spade Visits Psychologist

I thought this was pretty funny. Brad Pitt should have had better lines though. I'm impressed that they actually got Pitt to agree to come on the show. He should host sometime soon. That would be a funny episode.

Grade: B


[Opening Montage/Theme Song]

I like the new songs being used this season. But I agree with GE CAFE that they should stick with one song. The montage is awesome, especially now that they give credit to the featured players. And what? No TV Funhouse?!?! That blows!

Grade: A



This has to be the funniest monolgue of the season. David Spade is a hilarious commedian who doesn't get the credit he deserves. I wish more commedians would host.

Grade: A+


[Commercial] The Mercury Mistress

Man, what a funny ass commercial. I'm surprised they were able to air it though. You'd think NBC wouldn't allow to be seen, but I guess it's late enough to be aired. I was laughing my head off at this one.

Grade: A


[Sketch] Monica Lewinski's Exclusive Interview Auditions

This was a fairly funny sketch. Only because David Spade was there to save it from being one of those lame sketches that drag on and never get to the point. Jimmy Fallon's Howard Stern was pretty good. And the women chanting Oprah.....too funny!

Grade: B+


[Commercial] Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #1

Yet another funny ass commercial. Will Ferell makes me laugh just looking at him. "Hey Fred Pete, I won and you lost. How does it feel to be a loser." - funny line

Grade: A+


[Sketch] Accruing Equity And Making Hot,Sweet Love

This was a very funny concept. I liked this one. Finally the writers are coming up with different ideas than just talk shows and game shows.

Grade: A-


[Commercial] Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #2

Just as funny as the first one. That's about it.

Grade: A


[Sketch] Seargant Asks' Privates For "Woman Advice"

This sketch was midly amusing. It could've worked out a little better. That was funny when Will Ferell was ramming his head constantly at David Spade's head causing DS to mess up a little.

Grade: B


[Sketch] Mango Meets Kiwi

Ok, enough with the Mango shtick. Mango has worn out his welcome and has also run out of steam. The best Mango sketches were with Samuel L. Jackson and Garth Brooks. David Spade just didn't fit in this one. But maybe this one was to tie up loose ends and to retire the character, possibly? That's why I gave it a:

Grade: D+


[Commercial] Mack North's Post Election Rub-Ins To Fred Peete #3

This was not as funny as the previous 2 commercials, but it was alright. The cool thing is that they're making fun of those candidates that run all those negative ad campaigns and sometimes butcher other candidates. Now that's funny to me!

Grade: C


[Sketch] Happy Birthday Grandma!

Another funny Will Ferell sketch. I guess Will is their go to guy these days. He's pretty much holding the show together (no disrespect to the other cast members though). But you have to admit the show would be less amusing without him. This sketch reminded me of the "Get Off The Shed!" sketches.

Grade: A


[Weekend Update] Featuring David Spade And His Look-alike Hand Puppet

This was a pretty funny Update. David Spade did a fine job, especially with all that add libbing he did.

Grade: B+


[Musical Guest] Eagle Eye Cherry Performs "Save Tonight"

Man, I love this song. I have the CD and it's awesome. Eagle-Eye Cherry is so awesome and talented. I wonder whatever happened to his sister Neneh Cherry. Oh well, great performance!

Grade: A+


[Sketch] Lance On "Felicity"

This was a fairly funny one. I loved when Tim Meadows said "I want to people to see this episode and say, 'wow there's a show on the WB called Felicity." Funny shit!!!

Grade: B


[Sketch] KFI Talk Radio With Dr. Laura Schleslinger

This was my least favorite sketch of the night. But, Ana Gasteyer did a good job with her character. It could've fun funnier. Davis Spade was perfect as her son. I actually liked the Mango sketch better. I just gave this a better score because of the new idea used.

Grade: C-


[Sketch] Gotta Give The Whore-Sluts Respect

A funny ender to the show. Whenever there's guys yelling "bring out the whores!", I just gotta' laugh. Those were some hotty babes too.!!! (Thinks to himself: OK, settle down Eric.)



This episode is my pick for the best one of the year so far (thanks to funny performances by Will Ferell and David Spade). We even got an appearance by Chris Rock too! That was cool to be able to see Chris Rock, David Spade, and Tim Meadows all in a sketch together, most likely for one last time. I can't wait for the Jennifer Love Hewitt episode!!! Man, I love her. Long live SNL!!!

Overall Grade: A

Episode Review written by Eric Amundsen

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