David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998

[OPENING] David Spade in Therapy:

This was Awfull!


[MONOLOGUE] David Spade:

Great Mono! We need more of these!


[COMMERCIAL] Mercury Mistress:

This was my favorite Sketch of the Night! I couldn't stop laughing i dont know why! ( I sound like Dana Carvey's Robin Leach )


[SKETCH] Interveiw Line Up for Monica Lewinsky:

I liked it alot.Especially Fallon's Stern and The Snackwell's part.


[COMMERCIAL] Mack North rubs it in Fred Peete's Face (Part 1):

Very Funny lines from Will.


[SKETCH] Accruing Equity And Making Hot, Sweet Love:

Spade was funny, other than that it sucked.


[SKETCH] Drill Sergeant Asking Privates for Advice:

Spade and Ferrell were the only funny ones here.


[SKETCH] Kiwi meets Mango:

Mango was funny for once.


[COMMERCIAL] Mack North rubs it in Fred Peete's Face (Part 2):

This one was also funny.


[SKETCH] Birthday Song:

2nd funniest sketch of the night.WIll Ferrell is hilarious.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn:

WooHoo!!! Hollywood Minute! Could have done without thte Puppet though.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Eagle Eye Cherry:



[SKETCH] Felicity:

I liked when Tim Meadows said " Me no likey" But i didn't like this at all.


[SKETCH] Dr. Laura:

Ana Gasteyer was hilarious taking Phone Calls, and David was pretty good also.


[SKETCH] Rules for Party Strippers:

Tim Meadows saved this skit.


Sorry this was so short, I am rushin'

Episode Review written by Emmanual Goldstein

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