David Spade / Eagle Eye Cherry
November 7, 1998

[OPEN] David Spade Attends Therapy

This was a good opener but they should of gave Brad Pitt a better part and a little more lines other than that it as a great opener A+


[MONO]David Spade

This was another good Monlauge and nice and short love the cops impresion A+


[COMM] Mercury Mistress

Sick yet funny A+


[SKIT] Media Icons Line Up To Interview Monica

Another great performence by Oteri and the Stern impression was pretty good. Spade didn't have much of a part in this one but he did a good job A+


[COMM] Mack North

Hilarious A+


[SHOW] Accruing Equity And Making Hot, Sweet Love

This was sick humor and I like sick humor so this was a good one A+


[COMM] Mack North

Hilarious A+


[SKIT] The Sensitive Drill Sergeant

Not as good pretty lame C


[SKIT] Kiwi And Mango Fall In Love

This was another good skit I love the messages for Kiwi Spade did an exellent job in this one A+


[COMM] Mack North

What can I say A+


[SKIT] Dad Wants a Perfect Happy Birthday For Grandma

Will Farell did an exellent crazy guy but those kids were aful B



Boy did the Hollywood Minute save this one and why does Colin Quinn Stand at the front of the stage like an idiot and blaber on





[SKIT] Behind The Scenes At "Felicity"



[SHOW] Dr. Laura Schlessinger

This was alright B+


[SKIT] Laying Down Strip Party Ground Rules

Didn't want to watch this with your parents Eh! A+


[OVERALL] One of SNL's better shows with a good host next to the season Premier with Cameron Diaz this was the best yet.

Episode Review written by dlloyd

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