Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999

[OPENING] Barbara Walters looking for phone sex

Pretty funny, though mainly because of Cheri's impression, which we've seen before. 7/10


[MONOLOGUE] Ray Romano

As several people have stated, the stand-up idea was actually funnier than most monologues, until the Everybody Loves Raymond parents came out. The pathetic "My Giant" plug was hilarious, though. 8/10


[SKETCH] ESPN SportsCenter

The aimless metaphors were okay, but the whole "BOOYAH!!" thing was the highlight. 7.5/10


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 Behind the Music: Meatloaf

Even if these things AREN'T funny, the parody is so dead-on they can't help succeeding, although this wasn't as funny as the hilarious Colin Hay one. 8.5/10


[SKETCH] Roberto Benigni has restaurant in stitches

Shouldn't have worked, but did. "YOU RUINED MY CAREER OHHAHAHA YOU'RE SO FUNNY" 9/10


[SKETCH] Pimp Chat

Total flop, except for when Cheri popped her head in from on top of the car. 3/10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin's jokes: Don't remember any of them, so 5/10 Monica Lewinski: Molly Shannon did a good impression, at least VISUALLY she did, but it was mostly an obvious parody of her giggling. 6/10

Cheri O'Teri: She always makes me laugh. Hilarious. 9/10



Not bad, though a little lightweight. Caught on fire at the end. 8/10


[SKETCH] Suel Forrester at the NCAA

Pretty funny, but it went on slightly long and the jokes weren't always very clear--the visual gag was enough, though. 7/10


[SKETCH] Office guy resorts to crying

Will Ferrell's impression of whiny 3-year-olds was great, the ending was great--best sketch of the night. 10/10



Don't remember how the song went, so it must've been worse than the first one. 6/10


[SKETCH] Quit judging my dreams!

Umm...a bit odd but I was laughing out loud at his dreams, though I wish the sketch had gone on like that for longer. The Sean Hitler thing was pretty funny too--it came completely out of nowhere. 8/10


Overall an acceptable episode, especially considering I came to it after some awful (and some great) Mad TV sketches a half-hour before. Ray Romano was funnier than most hosts usually are, mainly because he's a stand-up comedian.

Episode Review written by Rich Bunnell

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