Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999

Barbara Walters- A better way than having Bill Clinton open the show I thought it was pretty funny 8/10


ESPN SportsCenter- LOL! this was hilarious! booya! sweet sassy molassy! 10/10


Meatloaf- no!! not any more of these! the only good one was Colin Hay (jimmy is a hottie) 2/10


Roberto Benigni- uh, this wasnt very good. i didnt like it 4/10


Pimp Chat- This was good as a one time thing, but not any more. It was better than some sketches though. 6/10


Weekend update- i hate all updates unless they have Jimmy Fallon or something funny in them. the only good part was when Cheri put the barbie down my Colin's dick its probably all he can get hehe 3/10


Suel Forrester- LOL! i love Suel Forrester! it was funny to see him as a coach. I think this was the best sketch of the night. GO #6!!! 10/10


Office guy resorts to crying- This was ok but not really one of my favorites. I think it went on kinda long. It reminded me of Delco cat toys kinda 6/10


Quit judging my dreams!- This was funny. Ray's character was pretty funny. my fav. was Jimmy hehe. 9/10


overall- This wasnt the best one but it wasnt as bad as Bill Murray. ray romano is still pretty funny

Episode Review written by Maggie

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