Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999

[Opening] Phone Sex With Barbara Walters:

Teriffic sketch. Barbara is Cheri Oteri's best impression, no doubt about it. Plus I'm glad SNL finally said something about the point of the Barbara Walters' interview when she asked what phone sex is because "most people don't know what that is." This was a great Lewinski sketch, despite avoiding Clinton.



[Monologue] Ray Romano:

The only reason I didn't think this was the absolute worst monologue ever was because it showed the clip featuring Jim Belushi. That still doesn't raise it's grade, though.



[Sketch] Sportscenter:

This was pretty funny. That's all I can say, I guess.



[Sketch] VH-1: Behind The Music: Meatloaf

Didn't they already do this guy??



[sketch] Roberto Begnigni Visits Restaurant:

This was funny, and it's about friggin' time, too. I still don't think Molly Shannon expected Ray Romano to stick his head in between her breasts, but I don't think she minded, though.



[Sketch] Pimp Chat:

I have to admit, I didn't see this sketch, but that's because I got bored with the sketch. I did hear it, though. Didn't sound like I missed much.

Rating: C-


Weekend Update:

I always like Weekend Updates no matter what the news is and who does them.



[Musical Guest] The Corrs:

I have to admit, when I first saw the schedule, I thought it said the musical guest would be the CARS. The worst part was that I hated the "Corrs" when they played. This sucked.

Rating: D


[Sketch] Suel Forrester:

In case those of you who didn't watch the show and don't know who Suel Forrester is, he's the fast-talking guy who speaks gibberish and helped a flight attendant land a plane in one of the previous episodes. For a character who should have enough time to get new material because he barely ever gets a skit, this sucked. It was the exact same as always. No one knows what he said, big goddamn deal.



[Sketch]Office Guy Cries:

This was so funny. Plus the acting by Will Ferrell was absolutely hilarious. Especially when he was drinking from the juice box. How couldanyone give that a bad grade?



[Musical Guest]Corrs:

Two words: SHUT UP!!!!!!



[Sketch]Quit Judging my Dreams!:

By this time, you should have quit watching the show and gone to bed since it was almost over, anyway. But if you stayed up like I did, you'd know it was so-so, like the show.

Episode Review written by Jim Everett

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