Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999

Opening: Barbara Walters looks for phone sex.

This sketch was a hilarious opening. It is great to see Cheri Oteri get some air time. A-


Monologue: Ray Romano.

Very funny stand up. The cameos by his television parents were funny, however I could have done without it. A


ESPN Sports Center:

Very funny sketch. The remarks made by Romano were hysterical. B.


VH1 Behind The Music: Meatloaf.

This was not very funny. This commercial barely held on when it was done on the Gwenyth Paltrow episode. C


Robert Benigni.

This was good, however, it ended up going no where. It would hyave been funnier if the ending was much stronger. B


Pimp Chat.

I missed most of this sketch. "I like my hoes supersized!" A-


Weekend Update.

This was one of Colins best Updates all season. Every joke was written very well. The appearence of Cheri Oteri made it even better, she worked off Colin beautifully. Colins needs to do more Updates like this. A


The Corrs.

Incredible perfromance. I was pleasantly surprised with what they gave. A.


Suel Forrester at the NCAA.

This joke is wearing very thin. It barely got by, this time around. It was a pleasure seeing Chris Kattan in a sketch again. However, the writing lacked. C


Office guy who resorts to crying.

This sketch was very weak. Will Ferellwas very annoying. It reminded me of the Spelling Bee sketch on the James Van Der Beek show. It was irritating. D


The Corrs.

Again, they did a fabulous perfromance. This is a group that deserved 2 songs!


Quit Judging My Dreams.

Very original. It is good to see SNL is going back to edgy material. Ray Romano was fantasic! This sketch was fantastic for the end of the show.


Overall: A very funny show. A step up since the Bill Murray episode in February.

Episode Review written by Conan

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