Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999


I was looking forward to this episode, mainly for two reasons. 1. I like Romano, even though I had hardly seen him in anything. But I know that whenever comedians host, the show is above normal (i.e.- Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Jerry Seinfeld). 2. Two weeks since the last SNL, and I was eager.


Barbara Walters looks for phone sex:

I love Oteri's Walters, and I thought that the idea was interesting at first, but looking for phone sex? They could have done something much better, like a recreation of the Walters-Tripp interview. The Clinton quotes at the end were funny. Pretty good opener.

--7 out of 10


Ray Romano:

This was a good, old-fashioned monologue. I love stand-up monologues, and this was one of the best monologues of the year. At first I was a little upset when his TV parents came on, because I thought that that would spoil the monologue, but it was just as funny.

--9.5 out of 10 (Interesting note- Peter Boyle hosted the 13th episode of SNL history)


ESPN Sports Center:

Great! I needed some Tim, and the spoof of expressions was great. If I
had drunk milk earlier in the day, I'm sure I would have seen it. A new
line is born that will be said around school for the rest of the year:

--9.5 out of 10


VH1 Behind the Music- Meatloaf:

I love these spoofs. He does a good Meatloaf, but you could tell that
they did this commercial parody just to use Sanz's Meatloaf. Still,

--8 out of 10


Roberti Malignant, I mean Benigni:

He did a good impression, and lifting people up by their assses was
good. However, they could have done something better.

--7 out of 10


Pimp Chat:

This is a funny skit, and I'm glad it wasn't too long, but they should
keep it on in the second half of the show. Tim couldn't stop laughing
at the end, byu the way.

--8 out of 10


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:

Pretty good jokes, but I saw the punchline coming for about three of the
jokes. Molly was funny, but I think I speak for most when I say that
the laugh was funny, but it was overdone. Oteri was good, too.

--8 out of 10


The Corrs #1:

Didn't see it, but I'm sure it deserved an 8.

--8 out of 10


Suel Forrester at the NCAA:

This was great! I always love Suel. I actually think this was Kataan's
first skit ever on SNL back in 1996. He played a teacher in the annual
John Goodman episode. Anyway, funny as always.

--9 out of 10


Office guy resorts to crying:

At first, I thought that this was a recurring character from the Vince
Vaughn episode, with the office and all. But it was annoying at first,
but then I really liked it. Great skit!

--8.5 out of 10


The Corrs #2:

Missed it again, but I'm sure it deserved a 6.

--6 out of 10


Quit judging my dreams:

All I'll say is that it was an average 10 to 1.

--6 out of 10



A strong episode that seemed to have gone by quickly like the Brendan
Fraser episode. Good material. I noticed that as the show progressed,
Romano started to act more and more like Ellen Degeneres. Even though I
absolutely hate Drew Barrymore, I'm looking forward to next weeks
episode. Maybe they'll have an allusion to her hosting at age 7 back in

--7.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Artie

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