Ray Romano / The Corrs
March 13, 1999

A great show with a great host.

Highlights: Monologue, Weekend Update, ESPN SportsCenter


Barbara Walters looking for phone sex:

Good, especially the ending. Hillary's "I'll be the man" had me rolling.



Hilarious. When standups do standup in the monologue, sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. It worked with Chris Rock. It suckedwith David Spade. It worked with Ray Romano. I love his show "Everybody Loves Raymond" and was thrilled to see Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle. The "Dueling Brandos" clip was great.


ESPN SportsCenter:

Great. One of the best sketches of the season. Ray was hilarious and Tim was a perfect straight man. I wasn't sure that Romano had the range and the acting ability to do things like this, but he seems to really have it. This was also very well-written.


VH1 Behind the Music: Meatloaf:

Horatio was good in this, but I think I saw this on VH1 already. Is this a repeat?


Roberto Benigni has restaurant in stitches:

Good. Reminds me of the Kirstie Alley italian restaurant sketch. The unsung heroes in the make-up department deserve an ovation.


Pimp Chat:

Why is this a recurring segment? I hated it, but I have to admit that Horatio cracked me up.


Weekend Update:

Excellent. Quinn continues to rule. I loved the Pat Buchanan joke, the Stephanopoulos joke, the MichaelDouglas joke, the Brokaw joke ... I could go on and on. I know many people don't care for Molly's crazy characters , but she was the perfect Monica. Cheri was great, especially the ending with Colin. I expected her to ask "when are we going to go for that beer?"


Suel Forrester at the NCAA

It's good to have Kattan back. I always laugh in spite of myself. Where has he been lately anyway?


Office guy resorts to crying

Great. Will's impression of a kid crying is better than any impressio Hammond's ever done.


Quit judging my dreams!

Great. Really well-written and just plain funny. I admit I didn't like the ending, because I find that Hitler jokes are all pale imitations of Mel Brooks "The Producers" INMHO. But I'm nitpicking. Perfect way to end a great show

Episode Review written by Arn

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