Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

[OPENING] Gingrich & Livingston at Mac's Bar

This was pretty good. "What the hell happened?" That was funny. And yet again Chris Parnell got to say "Live from New York..." Featured players don't normally get to say that in their first season, but Chris has already said it twice this season. At least he got into it. B/B+


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Paxton

This was a pretty good monologue. But why was Darrell Hammond doing Will Ferrell's hair? Whatever. I would've like this better if I'd seen "Carrie." Still it was good. B+


[SKETCH] The View

This was okay. It was funny when Star Jones (Tracy Morgan) told Debbie to get her "Greek ass back to MTV." Although, I have seen better "View" sketches. The last good one was with Matthew Broderick. But anyway... C


[SKETCH] The Kulps at an airport

I like these guys. They did a good job with that Barenaked Ladies' song. And what is a crab nut? Oh whatever. A-


[SKETCH] 'Titanic' Lost Ending

This was just stupid. But I did like the line where Old Rose said "I just wanted to ride on a helicopter before I die. Weeeee!" That was funny. But other than that this was stupid. C-


[SKETCH] VH1 Behind the Music: Fat Albert

I-ba thought-ba that this-ba was funny-ba. Tracy Morgan did a great "Fat Albert". I used to watch this show when I was little. I liked it a lot. "Hey, hey, hey!" B


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

This was a pretty good night for Colin. I don't really see why the audience reacted the way they did when he said "sprayed with evidence." I thought that that was funny. But why was Liddy Dole there? Save it for the political sketches. What SNL really needs to do is to bring back Jim Breuer and have him do the Heavy Metal News. Now there's an Update for you. B



Not bad. I liked the sitar thing. It reminded me of George Harrison. Pretty cool. B+


[SKETCH] Newsforce

10 seconds into this sketch I figured out the punchline. Are the writers still on break or something? Oh well... C



They really need to start making new commercials. rating: N/A


[SKETCH] Favorite mail (male) service

I thought this was hilarious for some reason. Jimmy can really bust some moves. I myself would vote for Mr. UPS (Jimmy), but Mr. USPS (Chris Parnell) was pretty funny when he did his dance. A-


[SKETCH] Fantastic Voyage

Words of the night "Douche Bag". Well, this skit was okay, but it could've been better. It was just a bunch of different names for a guy's cock. Whatever. C-



This song seemed kinda catchy. I liked it. B+/A-


[SKETCH] Extreme Hunting

Darrell Hammond reminded me of Adam Sandler when he used that southern accent. Who's with me? Anyway, this skit was a pretty good way to end the show. Chris Kattan's "the Artist" was hilarious. And I'm glad Nuge (Bill Paxton) shot him, because the real "Artist" sucks. "1999" is being played way too much. Anyway... B+



Not exactly the best way to start the year. Chris Kattan got NO air time this week. At least they were able to get Tracy Morgan some time though. Hopefully next week, James Van Der Beek will be alright. But he seems more like a drama actor than a comedian. But the ones who you think will suck turn out well. So for this episode: B/B+

Episode Review written by Spartan Spirit

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