Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

Opening Newt and Bob:Ok skit. Not very a good Newt impression. Liked the line "the Macarena lasted longer than you did" B


Mono-Kind of weird-not super funny. C


The View:Not as funny as usual. Liked "At first I was really excited ,because I thought they were from a boy." A-


Marty/Bobbie:This was the funniest of the night,loved that grouchy flight announcer. The songs were good. They would tick me off if I were stuck in an airport! A++


Titanic-Not really that funny. C


Behind The Music w/Fat Albert:Very well parodied. Not all that funny. Just very well done. A


Weekend Update: I can't believe they had 2 good ones in a row. This never happens. It was funny. A


Beck:Don't like him.


MSNBC Newsforce:Liked the line " you have 3 quarters of a second." B


KCF Shreddars again:Funnier this time around. "Just gigantic size it." A


Which Delivery Service?:ok,not that funny. C


Sci-Fi Fantastic Voyage:Gross. F


Beck:see above


Extreme Hunting:Not funny,though I don't have a problem with hunting. Bet they get loads of mail from this skit. D


Overall a average show,but good average. Isn't Beck on at least once a season?

Episode Review written by Maria

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