Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

[OPENING] Gingrich & Livingston at Mac's Bar

not bad , but not good either. nothing special, one good laugh, 2 chuckles C


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Paxton

Pretty stupid. i like when they all laughed at him. but it wasnt funny D


[SKETCH] The View

GREAT i love the view sketches. she came on and used the big words A-


[SKETCH] The Kulps at an airport

these are always the same. not bad considering what they have to work with B-


[SKETCH] 'Titanic' Lost Ending

know its horrible to kick old ladies but this cracked me up, no one else though james cameron cameo good B-


[SKETCH] VH1 Behind the Music: Fat Albert

i loved this one! the tb scars, the whole thing. not laugh funny but great A-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

as always 2 or 3 good ones and the rest boo-worthy D+



i actually skipped this and turned to the reruns of er on channel 7 abc, i ve heard both the songs he was perforing here before and i hated them NO GRADE SINCE I DINT WATCH


[SKETCH] Newsforce

hahahhahaha. sadly its true A



this is a repeat !!! they cheated us F


[SKETCH] Favorite mail (male) service

ahh. funny, will's host guy was kinda funky i liked it B+


[SKETCH] Fantastic Voyage

i didnt get the point it was very stupid F





[SKETCH] Extreme Hunting


Episode Review written by Magg27weiss

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