Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

Hello! Just got back from the inaugural SNL chat session at my message board. Just one person showed up, I guess I'm not publicizing it enough. I'm holding them during Eastern Time SNL broadcasts, so if you've got a TV next to your computer, it's something you might want to check out. I usually hang out in there for a few minutes after it's over, so if you can't make it during the show, and have insomnia on Saturday nights, (as I do) you can try it then. And just come by to post a message any other time. I know Sean linked it just recently, but I'm gonna link it here, too, so you don't have to look for it.

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Again, sorry about the whole Terry Sweeney death rumour on the bulletin board. Anyhoo, I got a review to do, so..


Overview: He's been in Twister and Apollo 13. They were both hit movies. What else do we want from Bill Paxton? A good show would be nice. I thought Beck had disappeared off the face of the earth!


Mac's Bar: Normally, getting Gingrich and Livingston together to talk about their problems would be funny. To quote this sketch, "What the hell happened?!!" C-


Monologue: Love the special effects! B


The View: The cameo by Debbie Matenopolous was overhyped. The View has robbed us of the only funny portion of this sketch. Now SNL might as well just kill it. F


The Kulps: They sang "Devil's Haircut" on the Beck show. Can you say kissup? The douchebag thing was a laugher but not much else was. D


Titanic: "Lost ending" parodies are great! The best one since "It's A Wonderful Life" way back when. A


Fat Albert: What the b-hell? Some parts were hilarious, some were just weird. B-


Weekend Update: Colin's not fading at all. Having Liz Dole on was a good idea. Which reminds me, they need a new Bob Dole impersonator. (I nominate Fallon) A-


Beck: He actually sounded more like Nirvana during this song. I like Nirvana, so ... A


Newsforce: This was a great idea. They got the score of the Boston-Toronto hockey game dead wrong, though. They said Boston 10-2, when it was actually Toronto 6-3. Just sticking up for my local team. A-


KCF Shredders: See my Grammer review.


Postal Services: I should choose my postal service that way! (With women of course) A


Fantastic Voyage: Innuendos galore! B+


Beck: Yay, Beck's got his own voice back! This was an even better song than the first one. A


Extreme Hunting: Darrell's Skeeter character was a laugh in itself. That shot at Prince (The Artist, or if you prefer, The Fruit) was so realistic! I've actually been shot with an arrow before, so you can imagine how I flinched. But it was very good. A+


Overall: Just like many other shows this season, slow start, big finish. Good to see Tracy Morgan's not wasting away to nothing. Not bad considering SNL's tendency to half-ass the first show after the holidays. C+

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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