Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

Anyways, let me explain to you how I rate the sketches.

10 = EXCELLENT!! They don't get much better than this, and frankly, they don't make 'em like this anymore.
9 = VERY GOOD. I hardly ever give 10's, so if I like a sketch, it's usually this.
7-8 = OKAY. Something was missing, but pretty funny.
5-6 = AVERAGE. Nothing special, but it didn't suck.
3-4 = PRETTY BAD. Almost made me change the channel and I won't watch it again on tape.
1-2 = TERRIBLE. Makes me wonder what the writers are smoking and if the show has any script supervisors at all.
0 = I can't even imagine what a scene like this would be like, but we might run across one sometime.


[OPENING] Gingrich and Livingston at Mac's Bar

7 -It was okay, and I love that Clinton left a joint in the ashtray. It brings up a good question: "What the hell happened?" Parnell's "Live from New York..." was very enthusiastic, which kind of added to the excitement of the sketch.


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Paxton

7 - The Carrie reference was funny and obvious even though I didn't see the movie. i love it when the cast members get involved with the monologue.


[SKETCH]The View

9 - I absolutely have LOVED this sketch every time they do it. Debbie's appearance was very funny, and it was very creative as usual. But i couldn't help but wonder if the real Debbie insisted on that coming out of the idiotic closet speech.


[SKETCH]The Kulps at an airport

2 - I can't stand this sketch. i think the beginning of this particular one seemed a bit too familiar. Think: Flight attendants; think: David Spade; think: Helen Hunt; think: Total Bastard Airlines; think: BUH-BYE! These songs they played didn't even go together, and being a huge Barenaked Ladies fan, I didn't like them screwing around with "One Week." Even for the sake of "comedy." If that'[s what you want to call it.


[SKETCH]'Titanic' Lost Ending

8 - Very funny. It WOULD have been really cool to see an old lady get beat up. I actually think this ending might have been better than the original. Loved Cameron's appearance. I wasn't quite sure what Darrel Hammond's role was supposed to be, and the king of the world line was extremely corny all 450 times James Cameron has said it, but I now like him a little bit more now.


[SKETCH]VH1 Behind the Music : Fat Albert

5 - OK, kind of boring and dragged out. Not too much to say about this one. Hey, hey, hey!


[WEEKEND UPDATE]with Colin Quinn

8 - Very funny. I love Colin Quinn as anchorman, so I always like Update. But I especially liked his commentary before the news in this episode.


Jokes/Stories: Larry Flint - 8 ; Linda Tripp - 6 ; Clinton's Love Clild - 9 ; Rehnquist - 5 ; Impeachment public seats - 7 ; Anderson/Clinton - 10 ; Jesse Ventura - 8 ; Lockout - 6 ; Berra/Steinbrenner - 8 ; Stewart/Hunter - 7 ; Dog Prozac - 7 ; Terry Stewart - 7 ; Zoom - 7 ; This Week in History - 9 ; Breathalyzer in cars - 8

[COMMENTARY]Elizabeth Dole

8 - Very funny. And i've always wanted to hear Elizabeth Dole use the phrase "Mo-Fo." And Quinn's blunt responses to his guest's questions always crack me up.



5 - I don't really like Beck, but I watched for the sake of this review. (It wasn't easy.) This song was a bit repetitive and boring, but also kind of relaxing. He seemed very relaxed and comfortable onstage.



7 - Sigh, how true, how true. I seem to be the only one that noticed that that stupid non-stop music was more annoying than the images.



5 - Pretty stupid, and surprisingly way too much like a real commercial. Kind of funny the first time, but I can't understand why they reran it.


[SKETCH]Favorite mail (mail) service

7 - "Let's let the ladies decide!" Funny concept, but no real response from the audience. If you could hear the double entendras over the music, there were some pretty funny lines. The best part was at the end when Ferrel said, "Next up, one of you's going to have to pick your long distance phone service.


[SKETCH]Fantastic Voyage

6 - The only really good joke in this one was the freeze frame joke. But then again, that's been done before. And Ferrell slipped Harey Carey in there. Why?



5 - I still son't get what the big deal with this guy is. But that's just me.


[SKETCH]Extreme Hunting

6 - Kinda reminds me of my uncle. thank god; Prince needed to be shot. I also liked the Hanson joke at the end.


OVERALL--- 8 ---Some good sketches, some bad, but I think it got worse towards the end of the evening, after Update.

Hope it was a good review, guys!!!

Episode Review written by Jennifer Napolitano

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