Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

[OPENING] Gingrich & Livingston at Mac's Bar

This was pretty good. Parnell does a decent job with Gingrich and Will Ferrell has a tendency to be funny with whoever he does. "The Magic Johnson show of politics." Good line. Pretty good opening sketch. Eventhough every opening sketch has to do with Clinton. 7.5/10


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Paxton

I thought this was kinda freaky. I don't really even know who Bill Paxton is, and I don't know the whole Sissy Spacek thing either. I thought this wasn't the best way to start the first show of 1999. The Bill Pullman comparison was pretty good though. 5.5/10


[SKETCH] The View

This was probably one of my favorite sketches of the night. The fact that Debbie Matenopolous was on there was awesome. She did a great job. She shouldn't have been kicked off the show, she was the only reason any males in the 18-35 age group would watch that show. She is a hottie. Oh well, maybe SNL will take her. I think she'd fit right in. 8.5/10


[SKETCH] The Kulps at an airport

This was one of the funnier ones that they've done. I liked this one. His orthopedic shoes getting filled with "dangerously hot nacho cheese, " and someone filling her crossword book with the word douchebag, were good touches. They also did snippets of Beck and Barenaked Ladies (whom I love and are glad their gonna be on.) Good job on this one. 8.5/10


[SKETCH] 'Titanic' Lost Ending

This one gets sketch of the show. I really liked this. I am anti-Titanic. I have never seen the movie, never surrendered to the hype, but it's easy to figure out how it goes, because I've heard so much about it. This was an awesome sketch of how they beat up the old lady, and then to see James Cameron at the end (who I thought was the biggest moron) really got me to laugh. 9/10


[SKETCH] VH1 Behind the Music: Fat Albert

This was pretty good. Tracy Morgan did a great job with this one. This is a pretty good sketch. Made fun of behind the music well. 8/10


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

This was pretty good. Colin does a pretty good job everyweek. I just wish we'd see him do some other things during the show. The word "douchebag" in this too. Twice in one show, haven't heard it this much since that "Earle of Sandwich" sketch with Buck Henry and Gilda Radner and Bill Murray. I hope we see Dominican Lou on Weekend Update some more soon. The Elizabeth Dole thing was a little weak. 7/10



Beck is awesome. I don't have his new CD yet, but this helped me strongly consider buying it. This was a good song. Probably the best music performance of the year in my opinion. 9.5/10


[SKETCH] Newsforce

This was different, and I liked how the screen was completely filled with charts and graphics, because it shows how a lot of news shows get carried away with that. Pretty good sketch. 7/10



Hmm. This isn't the first time that SNL has used this commercial. This is good in how it makes fun of Fast Food resturaunts. This is kinda weird though. the Stella got her Groove back figures are good though. 6.5/10


[SKETCH] Favorite mail (male) service

This was weird. Not too bad of a concept, but it was kinda strange. It was kinda hard to hold the viewer's attention. 6.5/10


[SKETCH] Fantastic Voyage

This was just like the witches sketch in the season premire. This was kinda funny, but after a while, it got old. Not too bad. 7/10



This is a groovy song. It's different, and I like anyways. Beck did two good songs in one show, just like he did when he was on 2 years ago with Kevin Spacey. 9/10


[SKETCH] Extreme Hunting

This, like so many sketches was a weird last sketch of the night. Darrell Hammond was pretty funny, and Chris Kattan looked so much like Prince, excuse me the artist it was scary. 7/10


Overall: In all this show was okay. Bill Paxton did about as well as expected of him as host. None of the sketches were too drawn out except for Fantastic Voayge. Next week's show of James Van Der Beek and the awesome musical guest Everlast should be interesting. OVERALL: 7/10

Episode Review written by Garrett Stillman

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