Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

Gingrich & Livingston at Mac's Bar: This was the perfect opening sketch. It was pretty funny, but not laugh-out-loud funny. Is it me, or do all of Will Ferrell's characters sound like his Harry Carey impression?

Grade: B-


Monologue: I thought it was a weak beginning, but it was good with the "CARRIE" part. Very good!

Grade: C+


The View: Very good! One of the best "VIEW" skits yet. I like how they made fun of Debbie Matenopolous leaving for real. I especially love when SNL has guest stars, this week, Debbie herself. The funniest line in the sketch was when Barbara said, "I haven't felt this good, since I was 70!". One of the best of the night!!!!!

Grade: A+


The Kulps at an Airport: The past year or so, the Kulps sketch has been slipping, this episode really brought them up a lot! Very Funny! I was stranded in the Arizona airport (couldn't get back to Ohio) during the storm. I would have LOVED if the Kulps were there!!!!

Grade: A


'Titanic' Lost Ending: GREAT MAKEUP. Looked just like the real lady. I LOVE Cheri, so this was a great sketch. The only bad part of it was when JAMES CAMERON cam on at the end--BORING!

Grade: B+


VH1 Behind the Music: Fat Albert: One of the weakest sketches of the night. It would have been 300% better, if they would have did it on a show that people watched;like THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY or the BRADY BUNCH.

Grade: D


Weekend Update: I don't like Colin Quinn doing it, they should have one of the women doing this. BRING BACK NORM!!!! Libby Dole wasnt funny either--only the pictures of her were!

Grade: D-


Newsforce: Very good. If you ever even look at channels like MSNBC or CSPAN, you will see all of the stuff they have on the screen. Very acurate!!

Grade: B+


KCF Shredders: One word-GROSS. That looks gross! Stupid idea.

Grade: D-


Favorite Mail (Male) Service: Pretty good. It just goes to show that the United States Postal Service is the way to go!!! It was good how they used the featured players that aren't in like any sketches!

Grade: B


Fantastic Voyage: Good start!!! However, the different names for PENIS got old FAST, plus half of them made NO SENSE whatsoever! Bad ending.

Grade: C


Extreme Hunting: Easily the WORST sketch of the night!! I left half way through it! SO STUPID!!!

Grade: F-


GREAT SHOW!!!!!!! One of the best so far this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Sketch: The View
Worst Sketch: Extreme Hunting!

Episode Review written by Brett Rozanczyk

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