Bill Paxton / Beck
January 9, 1999

Overall the show started great and like the Alec Baldwin episode (in my humble opinion) it just slowly crumbled! This was just awful, awful, awful!! Obviously their break didn't help at all!! SNL is just scrapping the barrel now! And Kattan being my favorite SNL member..it didn't go over well with me that he was in one sketch..and the last one, nevertheless!! SNL..don't make me stop watching!!! Overall rating D-


Livingston and Gingrich: Pretty Funny..."What the hell happened??" Cracked me up. A-


Monologue: Okay, can we say Dumb?? This was awful! And what was the damn point?? The only thing I liked about it was getting to see some of the backstage areas!! D+


The View: The only funny thing about this sketch was Ana's hair!!! I was so not impressed that the real Debbie was in this sketch..who cares!!! C-


The Kulps Sketch: Oh, this was just awesome! This sketch always makes me laugh! Especially loved it when they started singing Bared Naked Ladies's "One Week". A


Titanic: Okay, this one is about a year too late!!! What the hell! I mean get with the program! Not to mention the fact that this was a very bad, very sick sketch! I'd give it a F, but since Cameron actually made a cameo I'd bump it up to D-


Fat Albert: Couldn't understand a word anyone was saying in this sketch! Agh, how annoying this whole sketch was!!! I never thought it would end. The audience didn't seem too pleased with it either. F


Weekend Update: LOL..Colin made me laugh like crazy this week! The news rocked! One of the best this season..although the whole Dole thing brought it down A- (minus for Dole)


Beck: Didn't Care...Didn't Watch...get on with the sketches!! N/A


NewsForce: LOL..isn't it true about everything they post on the news stations?? But what the hell was the Terminator for?? Whatever. C


KCF Shredders: Kinda off if you know what I mean..kinda gross, but funny. I like Jimmy :) B-


Mail Service: This sketch was deserves an A just because Jimmy danced..and since Kattan wasn't anywhere in sight..I had to lust after someone!!! Anyway, back to my point, Parnell made me sick to my stomach though. Overall, the sketch was pretty lame! B+


Fantastic Voyage (Sci-Fi): Could they not think of nothing else better to do but think of all those stupid names for a penis?? This was very "13"ish! Just plain pitiful! D-


Beck: Again!! Geez, SNL is really losing it! N/A


Extreme Hunting: Poor Bambi, have they no compassion!! But Chris finally made it!! He cracked me up, but that was a given eh?? Otherwise this sketch was just stupid and dumb!! I hardly paid attention..just watched Kattan! D+ (plus for Kattan)


Please let next week's be better!!!! I might have to for go on seeing it Live on Feb 20th if this kinda stuff keeps up!!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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