Gwyneth Paltrow / Barenaked Ladies
February 6, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton won't gloat

Pretty funny. It was really good because you know that is exactly what will happen. The dancing was funny. B+


[MONOLOGUE] Gwyneth Paltrow

Funny. Gwyneth did a real good British accent. Ben being there and saying, "remeber we dated and just broke up." B+


[SKETCH] E!'s impeachment coverage

Really good. Jimmy was funny as usual. The lines were really well written. A


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Joan Jett

Pretty good. Not much there though but what was there was funny. B+


[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher tries to join Black Angels

Great. Probably the best MKG skit I've ever seen. The hairy ass remark was priceless. A+


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: John Oates

Really funny. The best of the three promos. A


[SKETCH] Mindy & Sky sing

Funny as hell. Jimmy and Gwyneth did a good job with this. I didn't realize that Gwyneth could sing so well. A


[TV FUNHOUSE] X-Presidents

Brillant as usual. I like how they had Reagan destoyed the law. A


[COMMERCIAL] Staten Island Nurses

Hysterical. Cheri and Gwyneth did a real nice job with this. I loved it when Gwyneth kept saying ass kicker. A-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Pretty good. I don't know why the audience wasn't laughing at some of his jokes. Tim Meadows was actually funny for once. A


[MUSICAL GUEST] Barenaked Ladies

I hate them. F


[SKETCH] Healey family is full of voices

Alright. It was good that it was short because this could have gotten really annoying very quickly.B


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Colin Hay

Alright. He sounded like him but there wasn't much of a joke in it. B


[SKETCH] Biography

I liked this one. It was pretty good. B+


[SKETCH] NBC Nightly News: Political parties can't agree

This was kind of dull. It had its moments though. B-


[COMMERCIAL] Hardcore Rock

The best skit of the night. I couldn't stop laughing in this one.

Episode Review written by Tim Perone

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