Gwyneth Paltrow / Barenaked Ladies
February 6, 1999

[OPENING] Clinton won't gloat-this was pretty funny-B


[MONOLOGUE] Gwyneth Paltrow-i really liked this, it was kinda a wierd idea but it was funny, the cameo by ben "the sellout" affelck was great-B+


[SKETCH] E!'s impeachment coverage-this was wicked funny-A


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Joan Jett-this was a good paradoy of those damn ads they always show-A-


[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher tries to join Black Angels-im pretty sick of MKG but this one was pretty good-B


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: John Oates-i dont know who the hell this guy is so i was fairly impartial, but it still had funny moments-B-


[SKETCH] Mindy & Sky sing-this was okay-B-


[TV FUNHOUSE] X-Presidents-this may be the greatest TV funhouse ever-A+


[COMMERCIAL] Staten Island Nurses-good at first then it started to drag-B-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn-pretty shabby, the whole Vernon Jordan act was funny at first, then predictible, then stupid-C+


[MUSICAL GUEST] Barenaked Ladies-they suck ass, i had my TV on mute-F


[SKETCH] Healey family is full of voices-some funny moments mostly predictible and dumb as hell-C-


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Colin Hay-i also didnt know who this guy was and for some reason i was kinda tired so i missed most of this one-C?


[SKETCH] Biography-this is one of the best biographys yet-A


[SKETCH] NBC Nightly News: Political parties can't agree-this was actually funny for something so predictible-B+


[COMMERCIAL] Hardcore Rock-possibly the funniest item of the night-A

Episode Review written by O9MMFailur

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