Gwyneth Paltrow / Barenaked Ladies
February 6, 1999

Pre-thoughts: I thought that Paltrow would be a great host, and the lsit of sketches I saw on this site were mostly good. I had high expectations!!


[OPENING] Clinton won't gloat

This was an EXCELLENT opening!! The Clinton sketches have been getting old, but Morgan's Betty Currie impression brought some major life to it. I was cracking up when he did the dance! It was also pretty fun when Shannon spilled drink on her shirt. Also, Ana seemed kinda off with the chuckling. Ya know what i mean??



[MONOLOGUE] Gwyneth Paltrow

Well, this was kinda lame, but not horrible at all. Also, I read the little list of sketches that were on this site before I saw the show so the Ben Affleck cameo was kinda ruined. The audience did seem shocked to see him. (Their gasp was kinda funny) the Minnie Driver comment was GREAT!! Affleck did a surprisingly good job.

Grade: B


[SKETCH] E!'s impeachment coverage

This was the best sketch of the night!! I DEFINITELY think that if you've never seen a pre-show on E! with Missy in it, that you prob thought that this sketch reaked. It was risky for that matter, but I LOVED it!! The Sharon Stone thing was funny and the Rivers impression was DEAD on. I LOVE kattan's Andy Dick. Morgan was a MUCH better Currie...why didnt he just stay in costume?! So far, SNL has had a great start!!



[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Joan Jett

This was dumb, mostly because I didn't know a whole lot about Joan Jett



[SKETCH] Mary Katherine Gallagher tries to join Black Angels

I LOOOOOOVE MKG, but this was VERY disappointing! Something just wasnt there that usually is. I didnt really like the other three characters very much at all, that might be part of it. The big "fall" at the end was great though....the water added a LOT also. This was a good sketch.....but one of the worst MKGs I can remember.

GRADE: B-, but D for MKG standards


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: John Oates

Dumb, but shorter than the first, so that was a "+"



[SKETCH] Mindy & Sky sing

This was just BAD!!! Maybe I missed something here because the other review for the episode had this as a poitive sketch. I dunno!!!



[TV FUNHOUSE] X-Presidents

Well, I dunno what to say about the X-Presidents. They are prob the worst TV funhouse segment, but they arent neccessarily BAD at all. This was ok

Grade: C


[COMMERCIAL] Staten Island Nurses

This was an EXCELLENT idea -- a sketch with good potential, but the writing, or maybe something else, just wasnt there. I liked the part with the hair-spray, but this was a downer. This epsiode of SNL is starting to free-fall.



[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

First audience, the audience was OFF here!! I dont blame them though because a lot of Quinns part went straight over my head. The song and dance was EXCELLENT though, but not enough to save this episode

Grade for Quinn: C-
Grade for song: A-


[MUSICAL GUEST] Barenaked Ladies

I'm a BIG fan of this band, and this is my favorite song of theirs. I was surprsied they didnt do "one week" though, that seems to be more popular.


[SKETCH] Healey family is full of voices

Well, I honestly dont remember all that much about this one, I remember it being REALLY average though, not very funyn at all.

Grade: C


[COMMERCIAL] VH1 promo: Colin Hay

ok...this is getting REALLY REALLY dumb!!

Grade: D-


[SKETCH] Biography

I used to watch Harry, believe it or not, when I was like 8 on CBS This Morning. This was stupid though!! Charles Gibson would have been better. that was the worst Paula Zahn impression that could EVER have been done!! I admit, its just abut impossible to do an impression of her though

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] NBC Nightly News: Political parties can't agree

Well, this was OK I guess.

Grade: C


OVERALL: This episode was pretty horrible!! It started off EXCELLENT, but fell BIG TIME!!!! A lot of these had potential (MKG, Staten Island, Reary) but were just missing things to laugh at!! So far, SNL has SUCKED in 1999!! im expecting GOOD things from Fraiser, last year, he had a good episode, but so did Paltrow!!



another note..thank-god The Antonio Banderes sketch got cut...i HAAAATE that!!!!!!!!

Episode Review written by Jon Tanzer

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