Bill Murray / Lucinda Williams
February 20, 1999

[OPENING] The Ladies Man

A great way to start off Saturday Night Live. Tim Meadows is the awesome veteran of this show and is funny at everything he does (well mostly everything). I can't wait for the "Ladies Man" movie to come out.

Grade: A


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Murray

Bill Murray did the best monologue of the season by far. I laughed so hard, especially when he climbed on that tower thingy. You can't lose with Bill Murray singing. It was reminiscent of his Nick the Lounge Singer sketches. Very funny!

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] The Yahtzee Sketch

I liked this a lot, only because it starred Bill Murray (I'm a huge fan of his). It was semi-funny because they have done the crazy couple thing plenty of time before. But Bill bein in it made up for that.

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] Male Knicks Cheerleaders

This one got the least laughs from the audience. I hardly laughed at it all as well. A funny concept, but not enough punch. Next!

Grade: D



One of SNL's all-time best commercial parodies. I remember seeing this on re-runs of classic SNL episodes on Nick-at-Nite way back in the late 80's (man, what a long time ago!!!). Too bad they stopped airing them.

Grade: A+


[SKETCH/COMMERCIAL] The Quotable Caddyshack

This was pretty funny. It's always cool when they make references to a classic old movie. What the hell does Chevy Chase do for money these days (besides doing lame Dollar Rental Car commercials)? He seems to be one of them has-been SNLers. Since he left the show, he's been in stupid movies and his carrer has gone downhill. But otherwise, this sketch was ok. Oh yeah, it was awesome to see Bill reprise his role from Caddyshack!!! Funny stuff!

Grade: B


[SKETCH] Morning Latte

Ok, these recurring sketches are not funny anymore. Not even Will Ferell could save it. It could have been much better if you ask me.

Grade: D+


[WEEKEND UPDATE W/ COLIN QUINN] Featuring Darrell Hammond & Bill Murray

Colin was a little off this week, due to some bad jokes. Darrell Hammond was great as always. Bill Murray was funny as hell as usual doing his famous oscar picks routine. It was even more awesome since he was snubbed by the Academy for his great supporting role in hilarious "Rushmore".

Grade: A


[MUSIC] Lucinda Williams

Who the hell is Lucinda Williams and where did she come from? Pretty dull tune. She can't sing that great either, which didn't help at all.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] "A Bear My Parents!" Sketch

For some strange reason, I liked this. I love when they have sketches where someone is screaming and going nuts (like most Chris Farley & Will Ferell sketches). Horatio was funny looking. Bill Murray was just there to be seen and had a dud role. So did Chris Parnell. A semi-ok sketch.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] The Third Eye

This one would've been funnier if I knew what Bill's character was talking about. I either didn't get any of the jokes or they were just not funny at all. This is what happens when SNL has 3 straight episodes in a row and no breaks in between. The writers are stuck with the leftover crap. This is one example.

Grade: C-

[SKETCH] Steve Baxter, Hollywood Gynecologist

Very funny one. Chris Parnell singing at the beginning had me rolling. Bill was funny too. I hope Chris, along with Horatio and Jimmy Fallon, become full time cast members next season. They all deserve it.

Grade: A


[MUSIC] Lucinda Williams

Same as before.


OVERALL REVIEW: I expected a much funnier show since the host (Murray) is such a high profile actor. Yeah, I was dissapointed. At least the whole show didn't suck. The 1st half was better than the 2nd half. Maybe things will pick up since they have 2 weeks to get it together. Until next time, long live SNL!!!


Episode Review written by Eric Amundsen

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