Bill Murray / Lucinda Williams
February 20, 1999

[OPENING] The Ladies' Man:

Usally this skit is funny, but it really didn't do anything for me this week.


[MONOLOGUE] Bill Murray:

This was a pretty good monlouge. Good to see Bill still has it in him.


[SKETCH] Yahtzee:

A bit weird, not your usual type of sketch.


[SKETCH] The Knicks City Male Dancers:

I liked this one, "Hey, Woody Allen just gave me the finger!"



A little weird they brought this back.


[COMMERCIAL] The Quotable Caddyshack:

This wasn't too bad, Bill "Caddy Shack" Murray was alittle bit funny. Chevy
Chase, who seems to have lost all his comedic talent, yet making another
un-funny appearence on the show didn't really add anything special.


[SKETCH] Morning Latte:

They really have got to stop with this.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn:

Bill(Murray) and Bill(Clinton) were funny, but Colin sucked as usual.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Lucinda Williams:



[SKETCH] A Bear Ate My Parents!:

If this is Horatio's appemt to try and be like Farley, then it's not working.


[SKETCH] Third Eye Bookstore:

Funny, but abit odd, makes me wonder where they came up with this.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Lucinda Williams:

Didn't like the first song .. Didn't like the second song.


[COMMERCIAL] Steve Baxter: Hollywood Gynecologist:

I Liked Parnell's song before the actual sketch, the skit itself really wasn't
that great.



I wonder why Bill was dressed like a Fireman.


Bye, Thanks for reading.

Episode Review written by Emmanual Goldstein

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