Bill Murray / Lucinda Williams
February 20, 1999

Before I begin the review...I have something I would like to share with you fellow SNLers! I was up in NY..my first NY trip (I live in Houston) the weekend of this episode. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sean Bradley of this website. It was quite an experience, the whole SNL thing..not about meeting Sean LOL..although that was quite cool! Anyway, I was able to meet the whole cast of SNL..I spoke with them all (except for Colin..who I didn't see at all!) and each and every one of them are so extremely nice and are just real down to earth people...and my favorite cast member so graciously gave me a kiss on the cheek..so that is something I will treasure forever. And like Sean (if you have read the Breaking News Section) I was fairly disappointed that I did not get to see the show. I was Number One Standby for dress rehearsal..and then I found out later that no one got into the live show on standby either, so that's good too!! Anyway, after watching the live show...well, I am quite glad that I was not able to see the show...because this was ONE OF THE WORST EPISODES!!! It ranks right up there with my thoughts on the Alec Baldwin episode (and if you have no idea what I am talking about...go read it!!!) So, with that all said and done..here's my episode review!


Overall: Well, just see above!! I was actually expecting a whole hellva lot more than what I saw..after all this is Bill Murray (and what's with his hair by the way!!!)


The Ladies Man: This one was okay. I've never been a real fan of this sketch..but this was quite good. Stephanie Seymour definitely looked like a skelton, especially when she had her arm around Tim and her hand was dangling over his shoulder...HELLO..EAT!! B-


Monologue: I'm so sick of them trying to incorpate sketches into the opening monologue. And this thing about Footloose..PLEASE! I still can't believe they made it into a muisical and SNL is spoofing off a spoof!!! C-


Ultra Competitive Couple: Okay, this one reminded me of the Sexy Neighbors sketches that Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri do. I wasn't too impressed with it. It just looked like they were running out of ideas to steal another sketch! And it ran way too long! We did not need to see all of that! D+


Male Knicks Cheerleaders: This one I actually thought was pretty funny. I enjoyed it...especially when everyone had fake names except Will. That cracked me up. B


Swill Commerical: Seen it before. Thought it was really cool that they included an old commerical in the show though. Otherwise..Old news. C+


Quotable Caddyshack: Okay, so I guess you would have had to see the movie to get the whole point of this sketch, and since I've never seen the movie..I just didn't care about this sketch. I love the fact that they made Jimmy Fallon comb his hair for the taped scene when they were all in suits and stuff. That cracked me up..although I think he looks better with his hair all wild. And I was really surprised to see Chevy there!!! We saw Dan Akroyd hanging around NBC that weekend, so we all figured he would be a special guest appearance thing. Anyway, enough blabbering. C-


Morning Latte: This just sucked hard core!! It was awful and bad and just plain stupid, stupid, stupid!! I'm really beginning to hate this sketch! They play it into the ground too much. D-


Weekend Update: Colin was great, as usual and so was Darrell Hammond :) That totally cracked me up. But Bill...well, he ruined any chance for this sketch to have a good lasting impression on me! What the hell was all that about!!!??? I didn't crack one smile..I moaned and bitched a lot though about how stupid and boring it was and that maybe Bill should figure out what the hell he was doing before he got on camera!! It was so AWFUL!!! F+(plus for Colin and Darrell)


Lucinda Williams: Where do they find these people?? WHATEVER..watched like the first few bars of her singing and said HELL NO! F


Bear Ate His Parents: I love Horatio, so I was thrilled to see him act like a fool..but it did get old after awhile. We were trying to figure out who was the damn bear at the party! Anyway, I have to give kudos to Horatio...because he is awesome, man!! B


The Third Eye: Oh, please, do I even have to start. What was the point? What was the idea?? The person who wrote this should be dragged out back and shot! F F F F F F F F


Hollywood Gynecologist: SEE ABOVE REVIEW ON THE THRID EYE...but add the extra F


Lucinda: Very awful and digusting way to end a show!!! F


Thank you all for listening and I hope I didn't bore you with all the talk at the beginning!! See ya later!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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