Lucy Lawless / Elliott Smith
October 17, 1998

Ok, I really wasn't looking forward to this episode...but I'll review it anyway, for your sake.


[OPENING] NBC Special Report: Republicans Plans for the Future

I liked Will Ferrell's Henry Hide accent.Comedy class. "Suck on that!!!" Liked the rambling on of sucking on it.Heheh.This one recieved a LSHICBAIAD from me (Laughed so hard I couldn't breath and I almost died). But since I am getting sick and tired of the government, it gets a slightly lower rating.A-

[MONOLOGUE] Lucy Lawless

This was funny in a way.But I have a small point to make...to be gay, or lesbian, would just mean that you act the sex you aren't.So if this is true, and you truly want to be the opposite sex, change it... which some people do, but most don't.What, are they too lazy??If they're poor, they would still do it if they were loyal to the opposite sex.Oh well. B

[COMMERCIAL] Shirt in a Can

Guess what... the rerun did not show this.Crappy.Crappy crappy crappy.So, I haven't a clue.?????


[SKETCH] Judge Judy

I liked the "Judicious, delicious" thing.Funny how Cheri kept interrupting the real Judy with her "Bup bup bup bup bup!!!!!" By the way, good cameo.Funnies here and there. B+

[MISCELLANEOUS] History of Presidential Scandals

Ew, sex with a bird.Funny though.Simple and funny and good.Don't get much of those anymore.B-

[SKETCH] White House in Crisis

Slumber party, haha.I can relate.It's like real ones, with the "Can I play with your hair?" to "I brought all this great face glitter!!"...except this one is... uhm... politified. Yeah.B 


[TV FUNHOUSE] Fun With Real Audio: Saturday HowardNight LiveStern

That was soooooo funny...It was so cool, like... SNL and Howard Stern melded. I wonder, however, how Lorne felt about him and Howard kissing...Very funny though. A+


[COMMERCIAL] Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup

Witchcraft, Lindsey Buckingham, and cocaine.Good impersonation, and quite amusing. I especially thought it clever of how they parodied the real songs, with burritos, and other Mexican delicacies.A

[SKETCH] The, How do you say, Ah Yes! Show

Sincerely funny.Senor Guadalupe, especially."Thank you for inventing the lime." Sexy,sexy, sexy, and snazzy,snazzy,snazzy.Kudos.Yeah, man.A-


[MISCELLANEOUS] History of Presidential Scandals

It was like, 9 words, but got a hearty laugh all the same.B+


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Seems like Colin wanted to get through this edition today.Same old, same old.Chucky scares me to this very day.Weird how he spoke in a business-like voice, like a stock broker of some sort.Stop stalking.Start talking. B-


[MUSICAL GUEST] Elliott Smith

He has a big nose...I do not like his music. I completely despise it.It's all like that "Lady in Red" song.So irritating, and gay,and sweaty.C


[SKETCH] A&E's Biography on Puff Daddy

Poofy Combs.Hahahaha.I love Darrell in A&E.He just seems so sloshed, and a bit stoned, yet slurry, and lazed.But Tim was great too.B


[SKETCH] Terrance Maddox models for art class

Will looked like a hep cat bum.Funny.Sick.Hepatitis.Heheh.B+


[SKETCH] Goth Talk goes to the mall



[SKETCH] The Kulps at the World Series

Pretty cool how they paused a pic of the stadium as the set.Ha's here and there.Ha. Mmmmm... ha.B+


OVERALL:This was like an "I feel carefree and bouncy!!"Episode.It was very good, and quite clean as well.Sorry that I didn't make this review so complicated and long, but this episode isn't complicated and long either.I want to give it an A-, but its too simple to get it.But a B+ is too typical.Well, gut instinct, do your stuff... B+

Episode Review written by StuffSM21

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