Lucy Lawless / Elliott Smith
October 17, 1998

Last week, I said that i was hoping for a better show this week. And I got what I asked for. The show was awesome. I didn't expect much from Ms. Lawless, but I obviously underestimated her. Also, I forgot to name the sketches last week, so I'll do it better this week.


1. Republicans Plans: Hilarious. It was soooo funny. I turned the show on a minute or so late, so I didn't know who Will Ferrell was, but it was still very funny. "Bruce Willis for president!".......A


2. Monologue: I never find the monologue TOO funny, but this was pretty good. She took that crap about Xena being gay pretty well..........B+


3. Shirt in a Can: This was hilarious, also. Even if it was just a commercial, Tim Meadows screaming "DAMMIT!!", was pee-in-my-pants funny........A


4. Judge judy: The idea of the obviously guilty party is wearing a little thin, but Cheri Oteri was funny as always, and the real Judge Judy was a pleasant surprise........B


5. History of Pres. Scandal: Ok i guess. Funny, but stupid........C+


6. MSNBC: Very funny. Especially the phone call to "VJ". Funny........B+


7. Real Audio: Howard Stern: Pretty good. Very clever, and proved that Stern is never gonna get half the ratings that SNL does.......A


8. Stevie Nicks Fajita: Really funny. Now, I'm only 13 years old, so i couldn't tell if she was parodying old Fleetwood Mac songs or making new ones, but I still laughed right through it........B+


9. Antonio Banderas' Show: Chris Kattan was great. It started to run on, but I didn't mind..........B


10. History of Pres. scandal: Once again, it was pretty funny. Not as funny as the first time , though.........B-


11. WKUP: Colin Quinn is doing great. I like how they've added the little commentary at the beginning. And I haven't seen Chucky yet, but I will.......A


12. Elliot Smith: Like last week, I'm not much of a fan of Elliot Smith's, so I changed the channel.


13. Puff Daddy: Awesome. They made fun of everything from his dancing to his girlfriend's rear end. And Darrell Hammond didn't do too bad himself.......A


14. Terrence Maddox: This was the funniest skit of the evening. Will Ferrell was great, with some of the best lines I've seen ever.........A+++


15. Goth Talk: Once again, very funny. Once again, especially Ferrell. "I won't poop in your shoeboxes anymore.".........A


16. Kulps at the World Series: I can't emphasize enough how much I like Will Ferrell. He's just hilarious. And I can say just as much as Ana Gastayer........A


My prayers have been answered. This was great. You may not agree with me, but i can't help that. Keep the shows rolling, Lorne.

Episode Review written by John McShane

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