Lucy Lawless / Elliott Smith
October 17, 1998

Overview thing:

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Lucy Lawless. I thought that they may have put on a Xena skit, but they did that last year in their third episode. I heard pretty crappy things about Elliott Smith, so we'll see if he followed through with that...


NBC Special Report: Republicans Plans for the Future:

This was very funny. I wasn't familiar with Mary Bono or Henry Heide, but the impressions still made me laugh out loud. Definetly the best cold opening of the year. A little weird, though. --8.5 out of 10


Lucy Lawless:

I liked this. It was short, but funny. They were able to fit all of their featured players in this one, and I liked the lebians... actually, Xena liked them. --8 out of 10


Shirt in a Can:

Hilarious!!! I think I may have almost slapped my knee. I love Tim and the announcer in this, and how they acted. I never got tired watching this over and over. Without a doubt, the best commercial of the year! --9.5 out of 10


Judge Judy:

I always love these ones, and it was obviouse that Ana Gasteyer would play the defendant and lose, as always. Funny, but poorly-acted cameo. They should've had the real Burt. --8.5 out of 10


History of Presidential Scandal- Part 1:

This was good. Somehow I knew that this would be at least a 2-part sketch. I like the Kraft-CNN thing. --7.5 out of 10


White House in Crisis:

Best full skit of the night! These people reminded me of my sister. It was really good, and I like the transition from a real show to a sleep over. --9 out of 10


Fun With Real Audio: Saturday Howard Night Stern Live:

I'm glad that they did an SNL-related cartoon. It was funny, but even though it was with Howard Stern, it was a little too weird. --7 out of 10


Steve Nicks Fajita Roundup:

I didn't really get this, because I've never heard any Fleetwood Mack songs. The combination (plate) was good. --4.5 out of 10


The, How do you say, Ah Yes! Show:

Mildly humorous. This got kind of old after a while, and it was pretty long. --6 out of 10


History of Presidential Scandal- Part 2:

Short and funny. --7 out of 10


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:

He had good jokes for this one, and I liked his little opening. It was a change from the first two. Chucky was really funny, and I like his suit. Best update of the year. --8.5 out of 10


Elliott Smith:

Nice try. --2 out of 10


A&E's Biography of Puff Daddy:

This was very funny. I always love biographies. I also always love to see a good view of Lucy Lawless's caboose. Tim probably looked at Daddy's performance when he sang on SNL because he did good dance imitations. --8 out of 10


Terrence Maddox models for art class:

This was so funny! Some of the same stuff as the last Maddox skit, butstill, it had me laughing out loud. --8 out of 10


Goth Talk goes to the mall:

Not as good as most of them, and they were missing Jim Bruer, so it was just OK when replaced by Horatio and Jimmy. --6 out of 10


The Kulps at the World Series:

I never enjoyed these ones. The beginning of it was very funny, though. I dislike their medleys. This was good for a 10 to 1 skit. --6 out of 10



This was the best episode of the year. Even though the musical guest sucked, they had good skits, commercials, and cameos. Much more than I expected out of Lucy Lawless. --7.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Harriet

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